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Avengers Endgame Movie Details: A Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Avengers Endgame Movie Review

Marvel’s Avengers Endgame comes to theaters THIS Friday, April 26th! I attended the Los Angeles World Premiere of Avengers Endgame last night and I have a SPOILER FREE movie review!

I wish I had a quarter for every time I have been asked this past year, “What do you think will happen in the next Avengers movie, since half the Avengers were dusted in Avengers: Infinity War?”  I never really had an answer because the truth is, I had no idea what direction the Russo Brothers would/could take in Avengers Endgame.  Even after watching the trailers leading up to last nights premiere of Avengers Endgame, I still had no clue.  It seems like Marvel not only keeps the best kept secrets in Hollywood but they also do a fantastic job at taking a comic book storyline and making it their own, which leaves old and new fans in awe.  I am here to tell you Marvel has done it again with movie magic because Avengers Endgame was perfection.  As a long time MCU fan as well as comic book fan, I could not have asked for a better film to wrap up Phase 3 of the MCU than Avengers Endgame.

 Check out my YouTube video review above!

Avengers Endgame Movie Details: A Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Avengers Endgame Time Frame

They say time is relative and Avengers Endgame seems to take this saying and base the movie around it.  The first 20 minutes of the film alone spans a period of 5 years with the first scene occuring at the moment of the infamous “snap” and jumping along until we reach 5 years after Infinity War left off.  As the trailer has shown us, we see what the world is now like with half the population dusted and how the world has coped after the loss of family, friends and loved ones, including the Avengers which survived the snap.  While the first 20 minutes hops along in time, this is just the start of time jumps throughout the film.  Is this time jump from flashbacks?  Is it from time travel?  You will have to see for yourself because this reviewer is not giving away too much, so you can enjoy the ride through time with fresh eyes!


Old Characters New Personalities

Tragic moments change people and this includes super heroes.  Just like anyone else that goes through a tramatic experience, super heroes are not immune to suffering some sort of post tramatic stress disorder.  While we see the old heroes we know and love around, they may not be the old heroes we KNOW.  They are not only grieving for the loved ones they have lost in the snap but they are also dealing with the defeat against Thanos and I am sure the guilt of letting the world down.  We see our super heroes in a new light, and some may even be reflected physically by it.  Some of our heroes in Avengers Endgame look VERY different than when we last saw them!



It was said that Avengers Endgame was Stan Lees last taped cameo, which makes me a little sad but also happy he was included in such an amazing film.  His cameo was definitely a cute and funny scene but it may not be the only cameos we see in this film.  A nod to other Avengers through the years is something Endgame has made sure to bring to the “Endgame”.

Avengers Endgame Movie Details: A Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Avengers Endgame Overall Throughts

Avengers Endgame was pure perfection.  The Russo Brothers did what I could not have done in my wildest dreams, they gave us the emotional rollercoaster of laughs, tears and cheers while wrapping up this phase of the MCU into a perfectly laid out plot that will have you in shock and completely in awe at the same time.  It has now been almost 24 hours since I viewed Endgame and I still can not get it out of my mind.  It will be a film that sticks with you for a very long time.  After it’s opening this weekend, the big question at your offices watercoolers will be “Have you seen Avengers Endgame?  What did you think about it?”  The only response I have for you right now is: Perfection.  Pure perfection.