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Maintaining A Healthy Gut With Country Life

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% my own.

Maintaining A Healthy Gut With Country Life

Everything in our body is basically connected, therefore maintaining a healthy gut can also help with other areas of your help including energy!

I’ve had the “healthy gut” conversation many a times with my Dad, he loves to drink his Kombucha and will go on and on about maintaining healthy gut bacteria and how it effects your entire body including your energy levels!  However there is just one problem, I have tried many flavors and varieties of Kombucha and I do not like the taste.  So, it was always a hard pass for me, even though I know the positive effects from mantaining a healthy gut bacteria.  And then I was introduced to Gut Connection by Country Life.

Maintaining A Healthy Gut With Country Life

About Gut Connection by Country Life

Gut Connection by Country Life is a scientifically formulated range of supplements that connects the gut to individual health issues that matter.  It contains an innovative, whole food fermentate prebiotic that feeds the existing probiotics in your gut and helps maintain its lining.  This whole food fermentate prebiotic is balanced with clinically researched ingredients for your overall health.  At $44.95 for a 60 count bottle, it’s available to purchase at Sprouts, The Vitamin Shoppe, Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage, and Amazon, and will be coming soon to other natural health food stores. 

I Took Gut Connection For Two Weeks

To put the product to the test, I began to track all the effects (or non effects) over the two week span I took Gut Connection.  The major thing I was hoping for was increased energy over the two week span and a more regular bowel activity.  The first few days, I really did not notice any change, in fact I was a little worried that this product was going to be a big dud for me.  It took about a week or so when I first noticed a difference in energy.  In fact, I noticed a big increase at about a week and I even began to start walking in the mornings around the neighborhood because I felt so good.  I continue taking Gut Connection over the second weak without any energy declines.  I am a fan and will continue to use Gut Connection by Country Life to maintain a healthy gut!

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