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Spiderman Far From Home Movie Review – Tom Holland At His Best

Spiderman Far From Home Movie Review - Tom Holland At His Best

Marvel’s Spiderman Far From Home opens in theaters on July 2nd.  I have a movie review for you and lets just say, Tom Holland is at his best!

Spiderman Far From Home is set 8 months after everyone reappeared 5 years after Thanos snapped 1/2 the population into dust.  While the world had carried on for 5 years, the ones who reappeared as if the snap (or as they call it in ths film, “The Blip”) had happened only seconds beforehand.  Now the world is desperate to find some kind of normal, admist the aged vs non-aged “blip” folks, housing shortages and the loss of some heroes.  Peter Parker in particular is struggling with the loss of his mentor Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) and the weight of being a super hero verses living a normal teenage life.

The Super Hero Life

And While Peter ties his darndest to leave the super hero life behind when he attends a school trip to Europe, the super hero life seems to follow him, or should I say Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson)  does.  With the Avengers who are left being absent from the film, and new threats arising which could destroy the planet, Spiderman seems to be the only hope.  Or is he?  Enter Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) with his fish bowl helmet and green smoke.  Mysterio seems to always be around to save the day and a new friend and confidant to Peter, who quickly pushes his super hero responsiblities on to him.  That is when things really get crazy!

The Good

Tom Holland

The film stays true to what every Spiderman fan wants to see in a Spiderman film.  We got action, we got comedy, we got to see Spiderman fumble is way through fights and teenage problems not realizing the whole “great power and great responsiblity” thing.  Tom Holland in the role as Spiderman was perfection.  I have always been #TeamTobeyMaguire as my favorite Spiderman actor but after seeing Holland in Far From Home, he IS Spiderman.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jack Gyllenhaal pretty much saved the movie for me.  Mysterio has never been that great of a character in the comics IMO, with his illusions and smoke and mirrors.  OK I will say it, I always thought of Mysterio as a lame character and briging him into this movie could have really made it bomb.  I mean he wears a fish bowl on his head, it could have gotten really cheesey but Gyllenhaal saved the movie and character for me.

The Plot

As far as the plot goes, Far From Home takes us on a journey from where we left off after Avengers Endgame, shows us how the world is now coping in the aftermath of “the blip” through the eyes of teenagers and sets up the next phase of the MCU with perfection.  It really is the perfect segway into the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spiderman Far From Home Movie Review - Tom Holland At His Best

The Bad

The Villains

I did love the film as a whole, I did not love everything about it and one thing that was surely lacking for me was the villains.  I am a villains girl and while Marvel has some AMAZING villains (can I say Helga & Thans to name a few?), I have always said DC has the best villains as a whole.  I was not impressed with the villains back story and/or skills in Spiderman Far From Home.  While I do see how the villains is needed in this movie, it was still lackluster for me.

Some Of The Fighting Scenes

I had to throw this under “the bad” section only because I think some of the fighting scenes, especially with the later scenes when Spiderman is fighting the villain, could become confusing for young viewers.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of the action scenes but my 5 year old Nephew was also in attendance and could not follow along when things got a bit “technical”.  As you can see, I do not want to give anything away for you, so I am trying to choose my words careful.  You will know what I mean when you see the movie!

Overall Thoughts

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Despite some of my complaints, overall I thought it was an enjoyable movie and a great addition to the MCU.  While Avengers Endgame felt so “final”, Spiderman Far From Home brings out the excitement in fans for what is next to come in the Universe.  Like I said earlier, it’s the perfect segway film for the next phase of the MCU.  And ya’ll, those end credits scenes!   There are 2 end credit scenes (a mid and post credit) and they are EVERYTHING!

Spiderman Far From Home Comes To Theaters July 2nd!

Spiderman Far From Home Movie Review - Tom Holland At His Best

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