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Toy Story 4 Movie Review: The Most Emotional One Yet

Toy Story 4 Movie Review: The Most Emotional One Yet

Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4 comes to theaters June 21st and it is the most emotional installment yet! Check out my movie review!

Some have questioned the reasoning behind a 4th Toy Story installment.  Was a Toy Story 4 really needed?  Toy Story 3 ended with Woody (Tom Hanks) and Andy saying their goodbyes, a finality.  However not everything was wrapped up in a pretty little bow because there was always a question looming, what happened to Bo Peep (Annie Potts)?  Toy Story 4 opens with the answers to our burning questions.  It jumps back in time, a time where Woody still led the toys in the comforts of Andy’s bedroom, and we see Bo Peep, her sheep and the lamp she rests on being boxed up for donations.  Of course with Woody being Woody, he tries to rescue Bo Peep and her sheep but she protests and accepts that it is her time to go.  However, she urges Woody to join her and he actually thought about it for a split second…


Jump back to present time and we see Woody with the rest of the toys in Bonnie’s room.  Remember at the end of Toy Story 3, Andy had given Bonnie his toys?  Well, the toys have a new, younger owner to love once again but Woody finds himself not being the “favorite” toy anymore and in fact, he is left in the closet most of the time.  But his love for Bonnie and his need to make her happy is ever present and it is seen when he sneaks off with her to Kindergarten orientation.  It is here where Bonnie “crafts” her new favorite toy Forky (Tony Hale) but Forky is unwilling to accept his toy status and continues to call himself trash.

Toy Story 4 Movie Review: The Most Emotional One Yet

New Characters

Bonnie and her family decide to take a rode trip and of course, all the toys come along, including her new favorite toy Forky.  As Woody tries to watch over Forky and his escaping Bonnie, he also runs into some new toys (and old) along the way.  One being the toy that “got away”, Bo Peep.  However, as we have seen in the trailer, Bo Peep is very different from the Bo Peep Woody remembers.  Bo Peep is now a strong independant toy that don’t need no owner!

Toy Story 4 Movie Review: The Most Emotional One Yet

Overall Thoughts

Toy Story 4: 5 out of 5

Toy Story 4 is another masterpiece, the perfect addition added to the Toy Story franchise.  It will bring you on a roller coaster of emotions, I laughed so hard my stomach hurt (it is way funnier than any of the other Toy Story movies) and it will make you have you crying tears no matter what age you are!  The new characters such as Forky, Duckie ad Bunny, Gabby Gabby, and Duke Caboom will give everyone a new favorite toy and they are perfect!  The themes of the movie such as finding your way home, hard goodbyes and the life long friendships will melt your heart to pieces.  It will be your favorite installment yet, as it is mine.  Definitely a must see for Toy Story fans and non fans alike!

Toy Story 4 Movie Review: The Most Emotional One Yet

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