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Toy Story Land At Hollywood Studios: A Visitors Guide

Toy Story Land At Hollywood Studios: A Visitors Guide

Disney’s Hollywood Studios newest land, “Toy Story Land” is now open.  It will immerse you into the world of Toy Story and have you dashing into the mania!

This past weekend Disney Studios invited me to Disney World to screen the new Toy Story 4 movie and interview the talent.  After the screening, we had another special little treat which included Toy Story Land, which is located at Hollywood Studios, ALL TO OURSELVES!  Toy Story Land is the newest area in Hollywood Studios and it immerses you into the Toy Story, shrink you down to the size of a toy and basically makes you feel young again!

There are three rides to enjoy in Toy Story Land, one being the most popular ride the Slinky Dog Dash.  I rode it for the first time that evening and have some footage from the experience.  Check it out below, I did ot scream ONCE.  You believe me, don’t you?

While I would say the Slinky Dog Dash was by far my favorite ride and the favorite rid for my kids, Toy Story Land also consist of two other rides: Toy Story Mania and Alien Swirling Saucers.  The latter two is a little friendlier for the smaller children in your group.

Character Meet and Greets

Toy Story Land At Hollywood Studios: A Visitors Guide

Along with the OG Toy Story characters like Woody, Jesse and Buzz, Toy Story Land has brought in some of the NEW toys from the new Toy Story 4 movie!  One of the new toys included in the meet and greet was the “trash” himself, Forky!  We were super excited to see Forky, considering he is a spork that is so different from the other toys but we sure were glad to see him!

Toy Story Land At Hollywood Studios: A Visitors Guide

I have to admit, I had seen some pictures on social media that the new Bo Peep was part of the new character meet and greet in Toy Story Land and from the photos I had seen, she looked a bit creepy.  I was like, she is going to scare the childrens!  But when I seen her in person, she was not creepy looking at all and actually so cute that I just had to get a selfie with my girl!

Toy Story 4 Comes To Theaters Everywhere On June 21st!

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