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Bose – BEST Noise Cancelling Headphones At Best Buy

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Bose – BEST Noise Cancelling Headphones At Best Buy

Bose is one of the most trusted names in audio. You can ask anybody within shouting distance if you don’t believe me.  When I think of Bose I remember that commercial that woud frequently come on many years ago touting their Wave radio that wasn’t available in stores and had unparalled sound and revolutinary “wave” technology that could fill an entire room all from a device the size of a clock radio.  I would dream of one day owning such a device because back then it was so expensive you knew even Santa wasn’t gonna pack that one on his sleigh.  Fast forward to present day…see what i did there?  I finally got my hands on some Bose audio equipment, not in the form of a radio, but a headset; The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.

I have tried and reviewed noise cancelling technology before, most recently in the form of earbuds, but personally I have always preferred over-the-ear, classic style headphones.  Maybe I’m just old school, and I know they are bulkier overall, maybe I just don’t like the way earbuds feel in my ears because they always feel like they are going to or are currently falling out.  In any case, these new Bose 700 headphones are AMAZING!  The sleek and elegant design coupled with its lightweight and comfortable fit make the Bose 700 Headphones an absolute joy to behold.  After downloading the Bose Music app, it’s a simple bluetooth pairing away from unbridled noise-cancelling audio excellence.

Featuring 11 levels of noise-cancelling you can personalize your environments from hearing everything or virtually nothing at all from the background as you kick out the jams.  Out of the box the levels are preset to 0, 5, and 10 that can be cycled through at the touch of a button on the left earcup.  This should work for most people, but it can be set to your preferences via the app.  Zero is no noise cancelling, and 10 is the max, and when I had it on 10 I couldn’t hear myself clapping in front of my face while listening to music!

Bose has even figured out how to apply this technology to phone calls.  Utilizing an 8 microphone system that dedicates 2 mics specifically for making your voice sound clear and uncluttered from the background noise so that your listener also benefits.  The right earcup provides even more control with intuitive touch control.  Slide your finger up to increase volume, down to reduce, swipe forward to skip tracks, back to rewind, you can even double tap to pause music or answer calls.  There’s a seperate button for accessing the virtual assistant which allows you to use either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. iPhone and iPad users can take advantage of the included Bose AR technology and via the app can select from a list of other apps that augment reality such as games or hands free GPS navigation.  Sadly no support yet for Android users such as myself, but apps are currently in development.

Bose also touts up to 20 hours of listening on a singe charge ensuring virtually all day audio enjoyment.  When it comes to current top of the line over the ear headphones, Bose just bested themselves with their new 700 model.  Really the only caveat to obtaining these bad boys is the price.  You can find them at Best Buy for $400.00, and even music afficianados would be hard pressed to shell out that much.  But if money is no object, then there is literally no better headphone on the market today that can compare to the Bose 700.

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