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Nicki Minaj Names Her Angry Birds 2 Character: Interview With John Cohen

Last May, I flew out to Los Angeles to attend the Angry Birds Movie 2 press junket.  While there I not only interviewed Producer John Cohen but I also pre-screened the film.  As soon as the movies’ end credits began to roll, I tweeted out my initial reaction to the film, as I normally do.  When I say my Twitter began to BLOW UP, I mean it blew UP with questions from the “Barbies.”  If you don’t know what a Barbie is no worries, neither did I.

Every big star fandom has a name, right?  Beyonce’s fans are called the “Beyhive”, Taylor Swift’s are called “Swifties” and Nicki Minaj’s fans are called “Barbies.”  Nicki Minaj has a small part in the new Angry Birds Movie 2 film and the Barbies wanted to know ALL the details on her character.  The only problem is, as a media journalist I am under an embargo and have taken an oath not to spoil movie details before the “official” date.  So, I was not saying a thing!  But Producer John Cohen sure did on Twitter and during his interview the next day.

Nicki Minaj As Pinky In Angry Birds Movie 2

One of the questions asked on Twitter was the name of Nicki’s character in Angry Birds Movie 2, Producer John Cohen revealed her character name as “Pinky.”  So of course the next day during our interview, I had to ask him about Nicki and her characters name.  Here is what John had to say:

We actually recorded for the film at her (Nicki Minaj) house.  We came up with the name Pinky with her.  She wanted to pick a name, we talked about some ideas and she came up with it.  She is an amazing actor.  She does so many voices on her albums, she creates characters and she is a wonderful, wonderful actor.  Her abilities go so beyond music and it was a real treat to get to work with her.

Pinky was not the only new female character on Producer John Cohen’s mind, we also discussed Silver.  Silver the highly intelligent newest edition to the Angry Birds Movie 2 and also happens to be Chuck’s sister.  Check out what John has to say about her:

As we were developing Silver, we fell in love with the character and especially how Rachel Bloom brought her to life in such a brillant way and added so much of herself to her.  The character came to life in a way that was extraoridinary.  Silver is Chucks sister and as you know he is very fast.  They are going to share DNA and while he (Chuck) moves fast, she (Silver) thinks fast.

Cohen went on to say, “We really wanted a character that is a great role model for girls and boys.  We had a wonderful reaction at audience screening.  There was a little boy in focus group afterwards, he tells us he loves Silver because she is him but as a girl.  The fact that Silver is connecting with girls AND boys is amazing.”

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Opens In Theaters EVERYWHERE today, August 13th!

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