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Skills Your Child Needs To Become A Changemaker: T-Mobile’s Challenge!

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

Skills Your Child Needs To Be A Changemaker

So much has changed in the past 30 years since I was a kid, we are living in a world where technology has boomed faster than many can keep up with it.  For young people to thrive and succeed in this constantly changing world, they need to master the skills of being a changemakerThe U.S. Department of Labor reported 65% of today’s K-12 students will end up at a job that hasn’t been invented yet!  I am not surprised by these statistics, but as a parent I realize how it is my responsiblity to prepare my child for the future and encourage the “changemaker” in both of them.

I Want To Rule The World” – Zach

I Want To Save The World” – Bella

I’ve always been a true believer in each persons responsiblity to make a difference and do something in their lives to make this world a better place.  In college I pursued a science career and worked in a research lab for 15 years developing new medications which aided in the advancement of psychiatric medicine.  Starting at an early age, I discussed this importance to my own children and would open up the conversation on how they could change the world.  I knew I made an impact when one day my then 5 year old son Zach declared, “I want to rule the world.”  I chuckled and knew I needed to have the conversation with him, much like Uncle Ben had with Peter Parker in Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsiblity.”  But before I could open my mouth my daughter Bella, who is 2 years younger than my son, followed up with “I want to save the world.”  In that moment, tears came to my eyes and my heart burst with pride.  I knew I had gotten this important message through to them and I knew one day they will be a positive changemaker in this world of ours.

My son is now a teenager and my daughter is a preteen and I could not be more proud of the little things they do for their community.  Sure they have volunteered in soup kitchens and animal shelters but it is the little things they have done to help others which have shocked me the most.  Example: Last year I kept noticing on my sons lunch account a lot of “extra” snacks were being purchased.  So, I questioned him about it.  He went on to tell me there was a boy who sat at his table who was from a “poor family” and never has much to eat, so he would buy extras to give to him.  The fact that he did this without wanting any fanfare, touched my heart and made me proud.

According to Ashoka, here are some skills your young one needs to master being a changemaker:

    • Empathy – encourage children to volunteer, talk to your kids about social challenges in the community, learn about a different culture (cooking an ethnic dish together!)
    • Leadership – Encourage kids to solve their own problems or lead family meetings, allow them to be king/queen for the day and decide family activities.
    • Teamwork/Changemaking – Ask kids for solutions to parenting problems (eg, How can I get you to come downstairs earlier in the morning?), cook dinner together as a family, letting kids decide the menu.

T-Mobile’s Changemaker Challenge

T-Mobile is incredibly inspired by today’s youth, who are constantly challenging the status quo and standing up for what they believe. They believe these are the REAL changemakers and they are committed to supporting and unleashing their big ideas.  So, they are continuing their mission to mobilize the next generation of leaders with the launch of the second annual T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge, a nationwide contest focused on empowering trailblazing youth who have amazing ideas for how to change the world for good!

This year T-Mobile and Ashoka are looking for 30 bold ideas from youth ages 13-23 from across the USA and Puerto Rico. They are specifically asking entrants for ideas that focus on Technology, Environment and Education as a means for creating more connected, sustainable and inclusive communities.  The deadline to enter is September 26th, 2019, and winners will be announced on November 6th, 2019.

Details On Applying For T-Mobile’s Changemaker Challenge

  • T-Mobile and Changemaker Challenger partner Ashoka are looking for teams of two or more with game-changing ideas.
  • Starting NOW, head on over to the T-Mobile to get more information on the Challenge and to enter. Submissions close September 26th, 2019.
  • Winning teams will be announced in November and will receive funding plus the chance to present their projects to T-Mobile’s senior leadership team and compete for the grand prize
  • Two Grand-Prize-Winning teams will be announced during the lab and will win an additional funding, and will also receive a second trip back to T-Mobile HQ– aimed at helping them Supercharge their project!

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