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Importance Of STEM Education: Codynamic STEM App For Kids & Parents

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Importance Of STEM Education

As a parent of young & developing minds, I strive to expose my children to programs which aid in the development of their critical thinking skills.  These are necessary life skills!  As a Scientist myself, STEM programs were also on the top of my list.  Whenever an opportunity arose for my children to take part in a STEM program, I was on it!  Research has shown over and over again that STEM education fosters a number of benefits including problem solving, teamwork, creativity, experimentation and much more.  And in my opinion, STEM is fun!!  Some of my favorite memories from Elementary School was coming up with a Science Fair project and actually executing it.  It really fostered my love of Science.  Now that I’m a parent to children in Elementary School, I get to aid in helping my kids work on their own Science projects and they love it!

Codynamic STEM App For Kids & Parents

However if I’m being honest, the older my kids get the harder it is to pull them away from their devices to join me in any project these days (including a Science one).  I get it, as a “techy” myself I also become immersed in the advanced technology we are exposed to on a daily basis.  We have so much knowledge and information at our disposal, I rarely even get asked to help out with homeowrk problems anymore.  If you can’t tell, I may miss some of these bonding moments with my kids, that I had with my parents.  Which is one of the main reasons I am loving this new STEM app I recently found out about called Codynamic!

Codynamic is an educational learning game from a company by the same name. It’s target audience are children ages 6-10, and it is designed to be played along with parents in 30 minute sessions.  Based on research about how intensive parenting being the best current parenting model, and how children respond better while learning along with a parent, Codynamic seeks to teach children science concepts, critical thinking, A.I. communication, and cyber security.  While educational games for children are nothing new even in the modern age of technology, Codynamic sets itself ahead of the pack not only by being the first specifically designed to play along with parents, but also upgrades from standard shapes and colors, simple math exercises, and association games, to fully STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) related games.

The App has an engaging storyline hosted and navigated by the lovable Dr. Racoon that guides you through the universe to different planets where you help the local inhabitants with various tasks.  The critical skills and concepts taught are better learned by children when they don’t think they are learning but just having fun, especially with Mom and Dad!  They learn algorithmic thinking, search and analysis, how to decipher fake information in an increasingly cyber world, and take their first steps into the fields of science and engineeering.

Codynamic is a Common-Core compliant program which aligns with state standards to ensure that the competencies learned will be applied to futue schooling and preparedness for college.  All the skills learned in Codynamic can be applied to real world situations so you can feel better that the time spent playing Codynamic isn’t wasted like too many other mindless clickbait apps available that are laden with ads and in-app purchases.  With Codynamic there are no ads or in-app purchases, just a monthly subscription plan.  Busy families need not worry if they don’t have 30 minutes at any given time to play.  While Codynamic suggests 30 minutes a week, that time can be broken up into 10 minutes sessions if you prefer.

You can keep track of the progess you and your child are making to see skill areas which are strong and which need improvements to better balance out overall skills learned.  Codynamic is kicking off a Kickstarter campaign TODAY and is hoping to raise 30,000 dollars by October in order to launch the app on iOS by December 2019 with the Android version set to debut in February 2020.  As an added incentive, those that contribute to the campaign will get a lifetime access to Codynamic once it launches.  Taking time to invest in your childs future while also engaging alongside them…priceless!

So, what are you waiting for?  Join the revolution and check out and/or donate to Codynamic Kickstarter program today!

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