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Tips For Keeping Your Teen Safe On Their Phones: Protect Against Scam Calls

Keep Your Teen Safe On Their Phones

Both my son (teenager) and daughter (tween) has their own phone.  On one hand, I feel safer with both of my kids being able to contact me (and vice versa) at a moments notice.  This was especially true when they began riding the school bus to and from school, it actually saved them a few times when they missed said bus and was able to let me know immediately.  And while have this little safety net is extremely helpful, on the other hand they are also exposed to new set of safety concerns.

Last month a friend posted on Facebook a scary encounter her daughter had on her cell phone.  Apparently, her friend changed her number while back and she was not aware of the change.  When her daughter started texting the old number, a creep was on the other end of the text harassing her.  Immediately I called my daughter into the room, since the friend which changed her number was MUTUAL friends with my daughter, and asked her if she had her friends new number.  She did and had never come in contact with that creep but this opened up the conversation on phone safety and concerns.

Tips For Keeping Your Teen Safe On Their Phones

The incident also led me down the path of researching tips on how to keep your kids safe on thei devices and cell phones.  We have been following these tips with both kids since then and the communication it has opened up between us and the kids concerning safety on their devices has been phenomenal.  Check them out!

Always Communicate Your Concerns With Your Child

I am a believer of being totally honest with my kids, they are at the age where they can understand what is going on in the world and appreciate your honesty with them.  When the incident happened with my friends daughter and asked my daughter about her friends number change, I was completely honest with why.  I tell them both the dangers of online and how ANYONE can be fooled online, kids and adults alike.  We also made an agreement that if something happens like that and they come and tell me about it, they will not get in trouble or their phone taken away, as this is the responsible thing to do.  I also encourage them to look out for others and their friends when it comes to these safety concerns, it takes a village.

Know Who Is In Your Childs Life On & Offline

I do not let my kids leave the house without knowing where they are going and who they are hanging out with.  This is also true with online activities.  If my daughter is playing a game on her phone or device, I become interested and ask what she is playing, who she is playing with, etc.  This can be tricky with my son who is older, since teens do not always like to share and look at my questions as “being nosey.”  This is where the communication part is key and explain how it is my job to know such things.  I also explain how I ask his day how his day at work was, it is just something I care about because I love him, not because I am nosey.

Be Aware Of The Apps They Use

Did you know certains apps we use can give our exact location?  Scary, huh?  This is especially scary when it concerns our kids.  It was my son who actually made me aware of this issue.  We were talking about a friend from the neighborhood and he talked about this friend not being home.  I asked how he knew and he showed me his Snapchat app and the exact location his friend was at.  I was taken aback, as I had never thought about checking all of the settings on the apps they use.  I then went through all of the app settings on both my kids devices to make sure all locations and other security concerns were set correctly.

Protect Against Scam Calls

Scam calls cost Americans millions of dollars a year!  Experts say that nearly half of all mobile calls this year will be robo-spam, according to First Orion.  Half of calls this year are projected to be robo-spam, and in the last twelve months, Americans have been scammed out of over $10 billion.  While it is tough enough to protect yourself against these scams, it is even tougher when your child has a device and is subjected to these scammers.  T-Mobile is leading the battle against unwanted calls!

How T-Mobile Is Battling Against Unwanted Calls

T-Mobile gives customers free scam warnings with no opt-in, no subscription, and no app required withScam ID!  Other cell phone companies make users download an app, but not with T-Mobile!  As soon as a call reaches the T-Mobile network, they use machine learning and AI to analyze call behavior, not just check against a database, and it is updated every 4-6 minutes!  This is not possible with an app, as you would hve to constantly update the app to receive such perks. Only T-Mobile is providing next generation protection, and in a way that an app could never hope to deliver!

So, what sort of scam protection do you receive as a T-Mobile customer and how can it help protect your teen/tween from being scammed?

  • Scam ID: Scam ID automatically alerts customers when an incoming call is likely a scam – designating the call as “Scam Likely”.
  • Scam Block: When T-Mobile and Metro customers enable Scam Block, scam calls are stopped on the network level, before they ever reach the phone. No alert of a Scam Likely call, they just disappear completely to give you peace and quiet.
  • Name ID: Customers can also use the Name ID app for even more control over who can reach them on their phone.

T-Mobile has many ways to protect your teens/tweens from scammers and robocalls!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

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