VSCO Girl Halloween Costume DIY

VSCO Girl Halloween Costume DIY

If you have been hiding under the Tik Tok rock lately, then let me fill you in on what a VSCO GIRL is.  VSCO girls, wear messy buns, scrunchies, Crocs, shell necklaces, over-size shirts, drink from Hydro Flasks & metal straws, use terms like “And I Oop!” and “Sksksksks”, want to Save The Turtles, and have made their mark all over Tik Tok.  VSCO GIRLS are the IT thing and if you have a teen/tween girl you probably have heard the name or one of the “VSCO terms” NON-STOP.  So OF COURSE, I am going as a VSCO GIRL for Halloween and I have a VSCO GIRL Halloween Costume DIY for you!

Check out my VSCO GIRL video above!


Natural Shell Necklaces ith Matching Bracelets

SKSKSK And I Ooop Save The Turtles T-Shirt

50 pc Velvet Hair Scrunchies