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BEST Lady And The Tramp Quotes: Review Of Disney Plus Movie

Disney + Lady And The Tramp Movie Review

I’ve been counting down the days until November 12th gets here ever since I heard it was the “official” launch date for the new Disney+ streaming service.  One of the first films being released on the new Disney+ streaming service is the live-action Lady And The Tramp.  I received an early screener of the film and was able to watch it last weekend.  Check out my video movie review below.

BEST Disney+ Lady And The Tramp Quotes

Jim dear, she’s a perfect little lady.  Welcome to the family.”  -Darling

Sprinting in this sweater was a big mistake.” – Jackie

Your mistake was putting that thing on in the first place.”  -Trusty

Look I’m not buying the hustle but I respect the effort.  But take it from me, in about 6 months that voice is going to drop and the bit is dead.” – Tramp

I can’t even remember the last time Darling gave me a belly rub.  Speaking of bellies, Darlings tummy is getting really big.  I am pretty sure it is gas from too many treats.  We have all been there.” -Lady

You may not want to hear this but i know people and people are not loyal.  And the sooner you start looking out for yourself, and I mean only yourself, the better.”  -Tramp

When the baby moves in, the dog moves out.” -Tramp

I seem to remember you calling me a street dog and here you are on the streets.  What happen?  Baby move in, dog move out?” – Tramp

You may think you know people but you don’t know my people.” -Lady

I’m so hungry I could eat a shoe. -Lady I’ve done it before, overrated.” -Tramp

People just don’t do loyalty.  Not like us dogs.” -Tramp

The streets are no place for a dog.” – Dog Catcher

You know street dogs are just like us, they just aren’t lucky enough to have homes.” -Lady

You deserve love, I’m just sorry it cant be with me.” -Lady

You will always be the Tramp to me.” -Lady