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Bone Chilling ‘The Good Liar’ Movie Quotes

‘The Good Liar’ Movie Quotes & Review

The Good Liar, starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen, opened in theaters this month and I LOVED it!  The acting was superb, the plot was outstanding and the end had a twist you never saw coming.  The film also has some intense quotes which came from it, so I have collected a few of the most bone chilling ones from the film for you.  Check them out and my video review below!

Bone Chilling ‘The Good Liar’ Movie Quotes

And I tell myself, “Brace up, this time it will be different.” Which is why I must now confess to you a deception on my part. My name is in fact not Brian, it’s Roy. – Roy Courtnay

Is that why you think you do it, for the money? It’s the game. It’s the adrenaline rush. – Vincent

I’ve grown very fond of you. – Roy Courtnay

Do you know who you are? You’re the only person on this planet who makes me feel that I’m not alone. – Betty McLeish

In just a blink, your life is changed forever. – Roy Courtnay

You know, it’s very peculiar doing things you’d never imagined. Secrets between you, God, the Devil, and the dead. – Betty McLeish

You’re becoming a very good liar. – Betty McLeish

Seems like you’ve had quite a past, Roy. -Steven
Enough to last several lifetimes. -Roy Courtnay

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