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Frozen 2 Red Carpet Premiere & After Party

Frozen 2 Red Carpet Premiere

I remember being in the theater when I first screened Frozen, and feeling the goosebumps run down my arm because I know I had just witnessed a masterpiece!  I was not surprised one bit that Frozen became such a success and that 7 years later, Anna and Else was still a favorite princess to dress up for at Halloween.  I was estatic when I found out I would be able to attend the red carpet premiere of Frozen 2 in Los Angeles, as I knew this magical movie could ONLY be followed up with another materpiece.

The carpet had a fall theme, I knew this would be the case ever since I saw the very first trailer.  This is why I planned my red carpet attire to fit in that fall theme, with a burst of sparkles of course!

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Frozen 2 Red Carpet Celebrity Spottings

One of my favorite things to do on a red carpet is spot the celebrities.  A few celebrities even remember me from red carpets of the past.  I was just out in Los Angeles the month before and attended the premiere of Maleficent 2, I had seen American Horror Story star Adina Porter at that time and spotted her once again at Frozen 2!

When checking into the red carpet, I saw Busy Philips with family!  There were tons of celebrities atthe Frozen 2 red carpet premiere with thier kids, of course!

And when you don’t get a chance to spot the celebrities ON the red carpet, you make sure to catch them at the after party!  The Frozen 2 cast were SO gracious at the after party and was pleased to take photos with all who asked!  Check out this selfie with Jason Ritter.

Sterling K Brown was also in attendance.  I absolutely loved his new character in Frozen 2, I bet you will also!

Yvette Nicole Brown also took a photo with us, as we had just seen her earlier that day as we interviewed her for her role in Lady And The Tramp!

And of course, the biggest celebrity sighting was with the lovable Olaf himself!!  It was a fantastic night and a fantastic move!

Frozen 2 opens in theaters November 22nd!

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