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Funniest ‘Frozen 2’ Movie Quotes

Funniest ‘Frozen 2’ Movie Quotes

Disney’s Frozen 2 opened in theaters across the nation yesterday, November 22nd!!  I shared my Frozen 2 movie review last week, one of the things that stood out for me in this movie compared to the first was the humor.  I found Frozen 2 to be much funnier than the original and many of those funny quotes came from our boy Olaf.  Check out some of the funniest quotes in Frozen 2!

Quick question. Is the whole ‘putting us in mortal danger’ going to be a regular thing?” – Olaf

How I wish it would stay this way forever. Although, fall mocks us with change.” – Olaf

I don’t even know a Samantha.” – Olaf

You do the best voices, like when you pretend to be Kristoff.” – Olaf

Sorry, I just found clothes restricting.” – Olaf 

Don’t chew that, You don’t know what I stepped in.”  – Olaf 

Because when you’re older, absolutely everything makes sense.” – Olaf

Why do lullabies have to have a horrible lesson in them?” – Honeymaren

Oh, the giants! Yhey’re huge!” – Olaf

Come on, it’ll be fun. Unless we get stuck here, you starve and I give up.” – Olaf

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