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How Frozen 2 Compares Against The Original: Movie Review

How Frozen 2 Compares Against The Original

Disney’s Frozen 2 gives us more Anna and Elsa, their family origin, new songs, new characters and all the magic from the first film. So how does the sequel stack up to the original Frozen film?  While it’s tough to recreate the magic Disney gave us in the original, Frozen 2 is even funnier than the first and will have you laughing, crying and singing along to the new catchy tunes!  Frozen 2 is going to be the hit of the box office this Thanksgiving!  Check out my video review below!

I attended the red carpet premiere of Frozen 2 last week and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical on the film.  While I enjoyed the trailers leading up to the film, I was worried it would not stack up against the original.  That sort of magic is almost impossible to replicate but if anyone can do it, Disney can.

The story returns to the kingdom of Arendelle, ruled by “ice” Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) and sister Princess Anna (Kristen Bell).  The two seem to have settled into their life there while enjoying a “normal” type of home life with snowman Olaf (Josh Gad), woodsman Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his devoted reindeer Sven.  The bunch even enjoy a game of charades from time to time, I mean you can’t get any more “normal” than that.  Everything seems calm and at peace in the castle, but things take a turn quickly.

The elements themselves (air, fire, earth, water) begin attacking the kingdom, sending our duo along with their loyal friends on a quest “Into The Unknown” to save Arendelle.  Their journey leads them to Northuldra, a land in which Elsa and Anna’s grandfather King Runeard (Jeremy Sisto) traveled to many years ago and has since been clocked with the people within it trapped there forever. To make wrong-right again (a story I do not want to get into in fear I will spoil the film for readers), the sisters push themselves to the very limits of self sacrifice.

Frozen 2 Is Funnier Than Ever

While I was on the edge of my seats through the film and burst into tears other parts, it was the comedy in this film which stood out to me.  Frozen 2 was even funnier than the first and this my friends is what makes the sequel stand out against the first.  As we saw in the trailer, our friend Olaf definitely brings the laughs which is synopsis of the story we saw in the first.  I would say he stole the funny show if it wasn’t for our buddy Kristoff.  While Kristoff is not a known character to win us over with humor, he belts out a song which will have you rolling in your seat and reminiscing to song videos from long ago.

Frozen 2 Soundtrack

Much of the cast has declared the sound track is even better than the first first.  Frozen songwriters Kristin Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez return to produce the music for Frozen 2 and they have outdone themselves.  When I say the audience erupted in cheers after every single song in Frozen 2, I mean it!  And fans of Panic At The Disco! will enjoy the version of Into the Unknown which plays during the credits.

Overall Thoughts On Frozen 2

For those worried Frozen 2 will not stack up against the original, you can “Let Those fears Go” (Ha! See what i did there?).  The film will have you laughing and crying and laughing some more!  While the magic of the first is hard to recreate, Disney brings back our favorite princesses with an ending fit for a Queen!

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