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Armogear Sword Battle: A Perfect Holiday Gift

This is a sponsored post, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

Armogear Sword Battle: A Perfect Holiday Gift

Doesn’t it seem the older your kids get, the harder it is to buy them gifts?  My kids are now teenage and preteen years and I find it almost impossible to shop for during the holidays!  When I ask them what they want for Christmas, they always reply with, “I don’t know.”  This is no help what-so-ever!  Last year I wanted to gift them with something a little “outside of the box”, meaning no gift cards or XBOX games.  I bought them this Armogear Laser Battle Tag set and it was a HIT!  So this year I am following up with this hit of a gift with a new product by Armogear, check out the Armogear Sword Battle set!

The Armogear Sword Battle comes with 2 interactive swords, the swords feature Intelligent Score Tracker, a hi-tech system that keeps track of players’ wins & losses automatically while the swords are swinging. Each sword also contains REAL SWORD SOUNDS and LED LIGHTS!  Sword wielders can participate in old-fashioned medieval duels or recreate iconic movie scenes with hair-raising sound effects and blinking LED lights that amplify the action in this swashbuckling sword game.


While the ArmoGear Sword Battle game is recommended for ages 8 years and older, as you can see from the video above, even the “big kids” will want to get in on the action.  My kids spent Thanksgiving Day morning in the yard playing with their new Armogear swords and it was too much for my husband to bear, he HAD to join in!  He acted out all of his “knight” dreams with this high tech sword equipped with sounds.

From the creators of epic laser tag games, Armogear introduces this next-gen fencing game set! As with all things Armogear, this product conforms to rigid quality control and is 100% safety tested & certified.  Armogear stands behind its sturdy plastic swords with a replacement or refund guarantee!

I definitely recommend the ArmoGear Sword Battle for your kids this holiday season.  You can now find Armogear Sword Battle set on Amazon, it will be a guaranteed HIT!

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