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FLASHDASH CUBE: Amazing Holiday Stocking Stuffer

This is a sponsored post, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

Amazing Holiday Stocking Stuffer Idea

Stocking Stuffers!  The first thing my kids do Christmas morning is rush to our fire place mantel to check their stockings.  There is just something special in receiving gifts inside ones stocking, it must be because of the stocking hangs for over a month waiting to be “stuffed” on Christmas Eve.  Despite stocking gifts being so popular in my household, it is also the last gifts I tend to buy.  I admit I tend forget about buying stocking stuffers gifts and am only reminded by the sight of my childen checking their stockings in hopes of receiving an early gift.  I’ve already caught them twice!  Luckily I have Amazon to cover me and I have found an AMAZING stocking stuffer gift your child will love.  Behold, the FLASHDASH cube!


The FLASHDASH Cube is not only an amazing gift for kids but adults as well.  I attest to the adult statement, as I have already spent hours playing with the cube.  I personally love it!  The only reason I am not currently playing with it is because I am having a hard time getting it back from my teenage son.  Check out this video of him demonstrating the cube.

Flashdash offers 4 quick-fingered games in a unique light-up cube design. Great for home and travel, these fun handheld games help improve brain skills and hand-eye coordination.  The cube features speed games such as “Chase Me” and “Catch Me” (which are great for eye/hand coordination), memory games like “Follow Me” and “Remember Me” and the cube will even give players a fun light show!

As my son stated in the video, this cube really is great for traveling with and keeping young ones (or even yourself) occupied.  I definitely recommend the FLASHDASH this holiday season and right now you can find it on Amazon for a discount of $24.99!  Rush and order one because I am sure these won’t last long!

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