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Disney+ Stargirl’s Grace VanderWaal Relates To Her Character

STARGIRL – (Pictured) Grace VanderWaal as Stargirl. Photo by Dale Robinette. © 2020 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Stargirl’s Grace VanderWaal Relates To Her Character

Grace Vanderwaal is most famously known for her original songs and playing the ukulele on Americas Got Talent.  This March she will also star in the Disney Plus adaptation of Stargirl, based on a book with the same name.  Stargirl is a coming of age story about a high schooler who is drawn to a free-spirited new girl played by Vanderwaal.  While on the Stargirl set visit back in 2018, I had the opportunity to interview Grace Vanderwaal on her Stargirl role and she spoke of how she related to her character and much more!

“I’m not as cool as her but I definitely feel like I never fit in.” -Vanderwaal

Although the question was asked of Vanderwaal, if she related to her Stargirl character, everyone in the room already knew the answer.  Vanderwaal walked into the interview room with a sweetness and spunk that one could just tell she marches to the beat of her own drum, or ukulele in this instance.  And speaking of ukulele, could a musician pick a more odd instrument to play?  It is this uniqueness that makes Vanderwaal the perfect role for Stargirl but even she admits, “I’m not as cool as her [Stargirl].”  I highly doubt that but she also goes on to say, “I definitely feel like I never fit in. When I went to public school I definitely related to her but I never had the confidence that she did in the book and I was never as sure of myself as she was.”

Since her win on America’s Got Talent, Vanderwaal has admitted she has been offered many acting roles but they were all either “really immature or way too adult.”  She was a fan of the Stargirl book, even proclaiming she read the book a million times and wanted to be in an acting role like this.  The role as Stargirl she says, “it’s a perfect role for me and my age and where I’m at my career.”  We couldn’t agree more.

And speaking of America’s Got Talent, Vanerwaal opens up about how being on that show and transitioning to acting is very similar. “Just like with all the cameras and stuff. I didn’t act on America’s Got Talent but they definitely prompt you to say things sometimes  and the interviews and stuff. I felt like gave me a little bit of experience before this.

Vanderwaal realizes she is a role model for young girls her age and definitely wants to send the message of “Just be yourself” through this film. “ I think what’s cool about this film is my character grows so strong and she’s so incredibly sure of who she is. But when you start caring about someone and loving someone, you would sacrifice your happiness for theirs. I hope that the message that comes out of this is beyond yourself. Understand that your happiness is most important.

Stargirl Comes To Disney+ March 13th


Sunday 24th of May 2020

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