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The BEST Zombies 2 Movie Quotes

Disney Channel’s Zombies 2 was released this past Friday and not only was I totally obsessed with all the amazing songs but also the movie quotes!  Let us talk about the songs first, because when that Baby Ariel sng debuted with BooBoo Stewart, I was screaming!!!  And when I finally got a chance to watch the movie, I was laughing at some of the funny quotes that came out of Bucky’s mouth and Awwwwing over Addison and Zeds quotes.  So here it is, some of my favorite and BEST Zombies 2 movie quotes for your pleasure!

BEST Zombies 2 Movie Quotes

Welcome back to Seabrook where belonging is everything.Zed

For Zombies in Seabrook things are changing, every day is better than the last.Zed

Zombietown is open to everyone.Zed

Seabrook has way more flavors than just vanilla now. I’ll take a vanilla, Coach.Zed

It is hard to believe there was a time when people were afraid of Zombies. –Zed

Long live the Acy’s.Bucky

I’m not anti change, I’m just pro keeping the things the way they are.Bucky

You can’t be scared to get those jazz hands dirty.Bucky

Being cheer captain has always been my dream.Addison

Nothing can happen to me, I’m way too important.Bucky

We are not alone, we are surrounded by werewolves.Addison

The only problem here is a bunch of blood thirsty werewolves, we can fix that.Zed

They saw you howling.Wyatt

We have to find the great alpha. We saw her in the forest, she had the white hair.Wyatt

You guys even fight like the perfect couple.Eliza

We can makes the rules, we just need the right leader.Zed

Where is the moonstone white hair?Willa

We can’t loose control, we are not monsters.Zed

I’m a Zombie, not a Zom Can’t be.Zed

Neither of us can lose because one of us is going to get what we want.Zed

A vote for Bucky is a vote for cheerfection.Bucky

This is me being nice.Willa

Wolves are key to winning this election.Eliza

We are beasts of the forest, we will never be tamed.Wynter

Our necklaces make us our true werewolves selves.Willa

That was so awesome, you guys are natural cheerleaders.Addison

Werewolves are not interested in fitting in.Zed

Excuse me for respecting a pack of werewolves who are proud of who they are.Addison

Werewolves, they know hair.Addison

Nice story but it doesn’t concern us.Wynter

She found the moonstone, she is amazing.Wyatt

We need to stop them from destroying the moonstone, whatever it takes.Wynter

Maybe cheer isn’t for me afterall. –Addison

All I ever wanted was to find my pack.Addison

The problem is you lost yourself first.Addison

Bad laws are meant to be broken.Zed

Zombies are a part of Seabrook, we deserve to be here.Eliza

Say Brains!Eliza