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55+ Badass Bloodshot Movie Quotes

The new Vin Diesel movie Bloodshot, which is based off the graphic novel, has been released on streaming service and available to rent.  It is based on the Valiant comics with the same name and I had to check it out!  I know the comics had some GREAT quotes, so I had to make a list of Bloodshot movie quotes of my own.  Bloodshot had some badass and powerful quotes that I am sure you are going to love!  I love compiling movie & series quotes, much like these Tiger King quotes and these Stargirl movie quotes, so I hope you enjoy my list of Bloodshot movie quotes!

Bloodshot Movie Quotes

No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

I don’t mind the scars, I just don’t like the stories they tell. –Gina

I always come home. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

Are you questiong what my body can and can’t do? –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

Bad news baby, it’s not going to be okay. –Martin Axe

I swear I will find you and end you. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

Kill me now cause you won’t get a second chance. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

Your body was donated to us by the US military. –Dr. Harting

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but you got yourself killed. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

If I died, someone is waiting for me to come home. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

You don’t need a History to have a future. –Dr. Harting

You have been given something no one else has, a second chance. –Dr. Harting

You are the proof we are leading the way in the greatest advancement of all time. –Dr. Harting

You are the optimal part. –Dr. Harting

Instead of dwelling on what we lost, I chose to focus on what we could be come. –Dr. Harting

Soon you will remember enough that you will wish you can forget again. –Katie/KT

We are all damaged goods here. –Katie/KT

To new beginnings. –Katie/KT

I know why I’m alone. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

I had a wife and he took her from me. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

He is here. They finished it and he is right bloody here. –Marin Axe

I just saw the man who murdered my wife, looked him straight in the eyes and killed him. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

He sent us to make sure you get back in one piece, looks like we were almost too late. –Tibbs

Look at you, so angry, so driven. –Jimmy Dalton

You think you are the good guy? –Jimmy Dalton

You really believe she is dead? –Jimmy Dalton

Told you I would tell you everything. –Jimmy Dalton

What you are doing to him is not fair and you know it. –Katie/KT

What he deserves is a military funeral and I am sure that is what he is going to get. –Dr. Harting

You are still going to kill innocent people. –Katie/KT

You know what else everyone know? Six inches is not alot. –Katie/KT

You murdered my wife. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

I’m on your side. –Wilfred Wigans

So, that is how they did it. –Wilfred Wigans

They filled my head with nightmares and sent me on a suicide mission. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

They will not just let you walk away. They will come for you and they will come for you too. –Wilfred Wigans

That’s your super power. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

What are you doing here? –Gina

Knowing you it is classified. –Gina

Ray come on, I’ve moved on. –Gina

I didn’t want you to come home, I wanted you to stay home. –Gina

You get your hands dirty this time. –Katie/KT

Remember, I don’t need to ask you. I do it out of respect and that respect needs to be reciprocated. –Dr. Harting

You used me. You made me kill. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

Revenge is what makes a man like you exceptional. –Dr. Harting

People like you break people like me into pieces. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

People like boxes, Ray. –Dr. Harting

Your best version of me. Not mine. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

Life was about not knowing what is coming. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

You made me but you can’t control me forever. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

If you are going to come for the king, you better not miss. –Wilfred Wigans

This guy just won’t f%&$*% die. –Jimmy Dalton

I can rebuild all of this and I am the only one that can rebuild you. –Dr. Harting

I told you I would find you. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

And that is enough. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

It’s good to see you, Wigans. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

Who we were, what we did, that was the past. –Bloodshot/Ray Garrison

Dimitrios N Zacharias

Friday 8th of May 2020

What does dr. harting say at the end "you only have _______ left"?

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