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Butterfly Pop Krispy Treat Recipe: Butterbeans’s Cafe Let’s Get Cooking

Easter is right around the corner and if you are anything like myself, you are all about the fun recipes and crafts during this time of year!  I have already shared one of my favorite Easter crafts this year, a DIY Bunny puppet!  Like I said, I enjoy creating all the fun craft but being in the kitchen is like my second home.  This is why I created this DELCIOUS, fun and super cute recipe using Rice Krispy Treats, Butterfly Pops!

Butterfly Pop Krispy Treat Recipe


Fruity Pebbles


White Chocolate (melted)

Pop Sticks


Makes Krispy treat mixture by melting marshmallow (2 cups) and adding in 3 cups of fruity pebbles.  I sprayed a heart shape sicon pan and molded the mixture into each heart.  Once they have cooled, melt white chocolate and dip a pop stick into the melted chocolate.  Cut off the bottom tip of each krispy treat heart and stick to the white chocolate to form butterfly wings.  I also used edible grass to give each butterfly antennas!

Butterbean’s Cafe Let’s get Cooking DVD

In Butterbean’s Cafe: Let’s Get Cooking kids help Butterbean outdo Ms. Marmalady with her yummy parfaits and tasty quiche; assist Cricket with her first menu as she learns to pipe Icing on cupcakes; see Dazzle run the cafe herself and switch jobs with Poppy; and bake a little magic with jasper and help the Bean Team find Cookie the cat!

The DVD includes eight delicious episode and four family-friendly recipes inspired by the show.  A perfect gift, the Butterbean Cafe: Let’s Get Cooking DVD can help you share the magic of cooking with the little ones in your life!

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