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Stargirl Movie Quotes: NOW On Disney+

Last week Stargirl dropped on Disney+, perfect time for all of our quarantine viewing.  The movie is based on a best selling book, which was made even more famous when President Obama was seen buying it for his daughters.  Well, Disney is great about taking classic books and bringing them to life and this is just what they did for Stargirl!  The movie is FILLED with inspiring quotes that will really resonate with your young one, and yourself! Take a look at some of the best Stargirl Movie Quotes here!

Stargirl Movie Quotes

When I was a kid my dad died. -Leo

Mica was quieter than I ever imagined.  Nothing ever happened here. -Leo

If I wanted to survive, it was better to lay low. -Leo

I was going to have to be just like everyone else. -Leo

I was going to disappear. -Leo

Boom! Another tie. -Leo

This is the hot seat, where even if you can’t pay he bills the seat is on. -Leo

Mud Frogs spend most of their time sleeping. -Leo

And then one day the rain comes and just like that, they are awake. -Leo

We were the Mud Frogs and we always have been, we were just waiting for it to rain. -Leo

I don’t know how to make plans with you. -Leo

Scream, Leo. -Stargirl

Don’t you want the universe to hear you? -Stargirl

Have you ever done nothing, Leo? -Stargirl

I just want to make some friends. -Stargirl

You do all these nice things for people but really they are just selfish. -Girl in audience

There has to be a way to fix this. -Leo

Why can’t you be like everyone else? -Leo

It was too weird. -Stargirl (Susan)

I don’t know why I was giving that speech. -Stargirl

We don’t think, we just do. -Stargirl

There is no time to figure out who you are, you have to know right now. -Stargirl

Real things take time. -Stargirl

It is easy to get confused when we are moving so fast. -Stargirl

People aren’t happy because they win, they win cause they are happy. -Stargirl

I’m Stargirl. Susan didn’t win that trophy, I did. -Stargirl

I can’t just be someone else. -Stargirl

Maybe she was just helping someone get back up. -Kevin

Figuring out who we are is probably the one thing noone else can do for us. -Gloria

Nice tie. -Stargirl

You ready for your surprise? -Stargirl

I never said I was sorry.  I am really sorry. -Stargirl

Even though she was gone, she was everywhere. -Leo

You think things have to be real or magic.  The best things are both. -Archie

Even though I couldn’t find her, she still found a way every now and then, to find me. -Leo

She was just a girl, a girl like anyone else. -Leo

Afterall, nothing ever happened here. Nothing at all. -Leo