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25 FUNNIEST Quarantine Memes On The Internet

Almost the entire US, except for 9 states, is on mandatory quarantine orders.  While my state just recently issue a stay at home order, my city and county had one in effect weeks ago.  This is weeks locked up in the house with myself, my dog and two antsy kids!  You can imagine we might be going a little stir crazy, like many others around the world.  This quarantine has been crazy but to get through it, some of us have been sharing some of our quarantine memes. Check out some of the FUNNIEST quarantine memes I have seen on the internet!  And when you are done, you can see check out these wash your hands memes, social distancing memes, birthday quarantine memes, homeschooling quarantine memes & these Easter quarantine memes.

FUNNIEST Quarantine Memes On The Internet

They say that laughter is the ebst medicine.  Well, if that is true then these funny quarantine memes will have you in good spirits for sure because I could not stop laughing at some of them!

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