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35+ AWESOME Downhill Movie Quotes

The movie Downhill, starring Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is now available to rent.  it is about a couple who takes their family skiiing and things get crazy after an avalanche comes barreling down on their lunch.  The dramady, drama comedy, was surprisingly entertaining to watch!  I will have my full review coming but in the mean time I ahve some awesome quotes to share with you!  Check out this list of Downhill movie quotes!

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Downhill Movie Quotes

She said we should celebrate our bodies. –Pete

Way to go Em, you are like a rocket. –Pete

Maybe we ski the beast after lunch. –Pete

We had a great day, great conditions. –Pete

Well, we almost all died in an avalanche. –Billie

For a moment, it could have felt dicey. –Pete

Every day is all we have. –Pete

Pete, don’t walk away from us! –Billie

I think we are going to cut our losses for the day. –Billie

There might have been some Shrooms on one or all of those days. –Zach

It felt like this was it, that we were going to die. –Billie

And I looked over at Pete and he jumped up and grabbed his phone. –Billie

Pete was gone, he left us. –Billie

I throw my arms around my children and I just wait. I wait for us to die together. –Billie

That’s intense. –Rosie

I can accept your version of the truth, why can’t you accept mine? –Pete

Dad ran away. –Emerson

I’m going to take a solo day today. –Billie

I’m on your tail, Bro. –Pete

How do your calves feel? –Guglielmo

Who is Billie? –Guglielmo

Live your best life. –Zach

I use to be good at flirting. –Pete

You have nothing to apologize about. –Rosie

I love my family. –Pete

What happened is what you said happened. –Pete

I was just afraid if I said it out loud it will be true. –Pete

This is what you say four days ago, Pete. –Billie

Does that sound good? Tackle the beast? –Pete

I hate skiing. –Emerson

I think I am all skied out. –Pete

This is for our boys, for how they see you. –Billie

If you don’t like the way I look at you, then show me something different. –Billie

If you can’t then you can just go down the mountain by yourself. –Billie

Now rescue me. –Billie

Hashtag we refuse to leave. –Rosie