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FREE Tiger King Game Printable: Cards Against Carole

Netflix’s Tiger King has become and overnight sensation, everyone is watching it!  Not only is everyone watching the new series, everyone is also talking about it, sharing all the Tiger King memes, Carole Baskin memes, Tiger King quotes and NOW allow me to bring to you a new Tiger King Game “Cards Against That B!tch Carole”!

Tiger King Game: Cards Against Carole

The Tiger King game is pretty much played like Cards Against Humanity, in fact you will need the Cards Against Humanity white game cards to play Cards Against That B!tch Carole!  If you do not have the game, you can purchase Cards Against Humanity on Amazon.  However instead of using the black cards in the game, I have a FREE printable for you to use instead, you can access them here: Tiger King game Cards Against That B!tch Carole printable.

See above at a few examples of how the game is played!

Click on the image below to download your FREE Cards Against Carole Printable!

And since we are all social distancing, break out your Cards Aaginst Humanity white cards, print out your FREE Cards Against That B!tch Carole game printable pieces and hop on a zoom with a group of friends!  It is sure to be PLENTY of laughs and a great time!  Who says you can’t have a game night during quarantine?!

For other fun Tiger King fandom check out there Tiger King shirts from my friend Mamas Geeky!!  I think I NEED that Yoda King shirt in my life!