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30+ Powerful Netflix’s Coronavirus, Explained Quotes

This week Netflix released Coronavirus, Explained.  As of right now, this series contains one episode but I am hoping they will add more!  With everything going on in the world as of late, the world is looking everywhere for information and Netflix has delivered.  While famous billionaires like Bill Gates is featured on the episode, we also hear and see many expert views from Medical professionals and Scientists.  It gives an informative look at the virus, the impact and even the History of other viruses like this.  I have put together some powerful Netflix Coronavirus, Explained quotes for you to enjoy!

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Netflix’s Coronavirus, Explained Quotes

Many who worked in infectious disease knew a pandemic was coming.

A pandemic would rival even the giantic wars of the past.

When a virus jumps from an animal to human it is called a zoonotic virus.

How does a pandemic like this end?

Viruses is one of the first living things on Earth.

You can be infected and spread it without any symptoms.

The risk is also higher for men.

SARS is alot less dangerous than this coronavirus.

It is impossible to predict all the ways a virus may evolve.

Mother Nature is the ultimate Bio-Terrorist.

Scientist aren’t certain but they believe the 1918 flu could have started when a bird with the flu and a human with the flu met the same pig.

Smallpox killed 30% of the people who got it. In the 20th century alone it killed hundreds of million of people.

We can end pandemics, we have done it before.

Safe anti-viral drugs are really hard to develop.

Best way to defeat a virus is through immunity.

With Covid19, if the world waited to achieve herd immunity naturally, millions would die.

Most coronavirus don’t even give life long immunity, for this one we just don’t know yet.

The first vaccine was created to fight small pox.

Small pox was the first virus to ever be declared irradicted from the world.

The best we can do is slow it down.

St. Louis flattened their curve, which means the disease killed people for a longer period but fewer died.

Hundreds of million people around the world have been waiting this out. Finding a way to cope.

In a pandemic like this, until you have a vaccine you have limited options.

The World Health Organization is meant to lead the global response to a pandemic like this.

There is a very real threat of a rapidly moving, highly lethal pandemic of a respiratory pathogen. The world is not prepared.

Doctors and Nurses around the world are forced to wear make-shift masks.

When there is an outbreak, we need to respond faster.

We need to get faster at containment.

We think it is something happening over there, what happens over there can very easily happen over here.

Once a virus becomes a pandemic, all of human ingenuity will be brought to bare to bring them down.

When it comes to technology, science and coordination, we’ve also never been more prepared.

A virus hasn’t beaten us yet.