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Netflix’s Self Made Quotes: Inspired By The Life Of Madam C.J. Walker

The Netflix show Self Made: Inspired By The Life Of Madame C.J. Walker, dropped a few weeks ago and if you haven’t seen it yet you should!  It is based off of true life events, and it is an aspiring and very motivational series, especially for inspiring entrepreneurs out there!  You may know, with every movie and series I watch I love to pick out my favorite quotes!  Well, Netflix’s Self Made had some AMAZING quotes come out the series and I have a list for you!  So without further ado, check out these Netflix Self Made quotes

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Netflix’s Self Made Quotes

It came to me in a dream. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Hair is beauty. Hair is emotion. Hair is our heritage. Hair tells us who we ware, where we’ve been and where we are going. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

I refuse to give up the fight. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Hair is power. You can’t imagine what it is like to lose it. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

If God didn’t like ugly, why did he make me? –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

My magic hair grow is magical. –Addie

My hair grew back and so did my confidence. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Now we have a good arrangement here, laundry for hair treatment, lets not complicate things. –Addie

This is my calling, that I can help others like Addie helped me. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

These are my products and I will not have people like the likes of you associated with them. –Addie

From now on I’m doing my own hair and making my own hair grower.  I am through with that Monroe. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Find somebody that will make your life better. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

My scalp is on fire, Momma –Lelia

I can’t be a washer woman all my life, C.J. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Hair is in our blood. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Always make your own money. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Hair can be freedom or bondage. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

I had a Cane versus Able relationship with my hair. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Everything we do as Negros reflects back on to us. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Wonderful hair leads to wonderful opportunities. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

You keep saying our company but Sara calls it her company. –Cleophus

What kind of self respecting Negro works for his wife? –Cleophus

Never get your money where you get your honey. –Cleophus

The good Lord gave me the vision to lower the price of my hair grower. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

You want to speak to me, you call me Madam C.J. Walker. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Dreams are Gods way of showing us his plans. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

The good Lord don’t want us to just sit away and wait for things to happen. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Gotta go out and light a match under whatever it is you want. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

What I want is to own a factory of hair products. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Ain’t no reward without risk. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

I’m going to get the most famous Negro in America to endorse me. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Thanks to Nettie, I am going to get Bookers endorsement. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Would you care to join me in a cocaine cola? –Addie

Madame Walker is always ready. –Ransom

I make it a point not to get involved in my husbands affairs. –Mrs. Washington

I want to invest in your factory. –Ransom

Your tenacity is remarkable, Madame. –Ransom

Where exactly is a womans place? –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

We live in a mans world. –Mrs. Washington

We may be near the kitchen but we are together. –Mrs. Washington

Sometimes silence is the only protection a colored woman can count on.  But now that I’ve finally learned to tell my story, I can’t be silent no more. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Female enterprise is good for us all. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

This is how you can truly uplift the race. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Forgive me for being so bold but God was speaking through me. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

But Negros can not afford to waste money on cosmetics. –Booker T. Washington

The Negroman needs to be lifted first. –Booker T. Washington

I’d pay a pretty penny to find out why Sara’s product sells better than mine. –Addie

One thing I learned about dreams, they do come true. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

When God, dreams he dreams big and I decided to follow his example. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

My aspirations don’t stop at these doors. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

I have a dream of helping to better all colored women. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

I want you all to be just like me, independant, self-sufficient business women. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Madame C. J. Walker will make sure all your dreams come true. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

I don’t believe that, not for a high yellow gal like you. –Addies mom

I need more people to know who Addie Monroe is. –Addie

We need a good woman to survive. –Cleophus

What ever it is your feeling right now, trust me, regret hurts worse. –Cleophus

According to your test, your kidneys are failing and there is no cure.  You are dying. –Doctor

The only men interested in me are after my money.  OK, your money. –Lelia

Your husband fiance gave me quite the earful.  Said your hair grow is practically the same as mine. –Addie

You are finished Sara. –Addie

This is my reputation you are toying with. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

All I want is a heir. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Can’t you see I’m dying? –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

You are my legacy. My most precious gift. The beauty of my whole world and I will always love you. Always. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker

Madame C.J. Walker is my name. –Sarah/Madame C.J.Walker