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Never Rarely Sometimes Always Movie Quotes

Since I’ve been stuck in the house, I’ve been watching ALL the movies and TV shows! Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a Focus Feature film and a winner at the Sundance festival!  The movie centers around a deep and taboo subject, abortion.  Not only abortion but a teenage girl who travels to another state to receive an abortion, so her parents do not have to find out.  As you can image, the film brings some powerful quotes with it.  Check out this list of Never Rarely Sometimes Always quotes!

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Never Rarely Sometimes Always Quotes

It’s kind of hard to compliment someone who is always in a bad mood. –Ted

Your mother wants me to tell you how great you are. –Ted

That looks like a positive. –Nurse

If it is positive, is there any way it could be negative? –Autumn

Don’t you just wish you were a dude? –Skylar

This is the most magical sound you will ever hear. –Nurse

I just don’t know what I want to do right now. –Autumn

The sonogram is showing you are 18 weeks. –Nurse

I really can’t wait until then. –Autumn

It’s called a French whore bath. –Skylar

If I do this, will my parents get any kind of statement? –Autumn

This is going to be a two day treatment. –Kelly

I also need to know you are absolutely sure you want to terminate this pregnancy. –Kelly

I’m just not ready to be a mom. –Autumn

I want to spend some time talking about your relationships because they can effect your health. –Kelly

Is someone hurting you? –Kelly

Is the procedure going to be painful? –Autumn

Would you like me to go with you? –Kelly

Do you want me to call your mom? –Skylar

This city has a lot of secrets. –Jasper

Sounds like a facinating place. –Jasper

I don’t do karaoke unless I am really drunk. –Skylar

You ready? –Kelly I think so, yeah. –Autumn

I’m having an abortion. –Autumn

What was it like? Did it hurt? –Skylar

They say it is good for the soul. All that grease. –Autumn