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Selah And The Spades Movie Review

Selah And The Spades hit Amazon Prime TODAY!  Is it worth the watch?

As Selah And The Spades began, I was quickly reminded of the cult classic Heathers.  It had that Heathers feel as the story opened to the introduction of 5 factions at a prestigious private school.  Conferences between each faction take place in open fields, which each faction having their designated table, negotiating “treaties” and then signing off on said treaty by each faction leader.  The Spades, lead by Sealh, is one of the factions in attendance.

Selah is a forceful yet complex teenager who is devoted to her faction.  She wants to leave behind her legacy and runs the faction with the help of her best friend Maxxie.  While pressure to excel are weighted heavily on Selah, we see little “classroom” time and more of the relationships that are developed.  When Maxxie’s attention fall elsewhere, after he falls in love, it is Paloma who steps in as Selah right hand.  But being Selah’s right hand is not all it is cracked up to be, especially when she tries to push everyone away!

The performances of Lovie Simone (Selah) and Celeste O’Connor (Paloma) were outstanding.  One particular scene stood out the most, as Selah confides to Paloma on her interest (or non interest) in a sexual relationship.  As Selah mentors Paloma for her succession as leader of The Spades, the viewer could almost feel the tension between the two through the screen.  And while Selah has no romantic interests at all, O’Connor does a great job at having us believe her intentions toward Selah are more than friendship.

Overall Thoughts

Selah And The Spades felt like a Heathers crossed with a Mean Girls with a little Cruel Intentions thrown into the mix.  I had high hopes from the start, as the factions were laid out and it begsn with this tense meeting between faction, I was slowly let down as the story went on.  The acting was great, the plot had promise but it was the slow delivery which threw me off.  Right when things were beginning to pick up, it ended, giving the viewer as much frustration they felt by its slow pace throughout.

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