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The Best Happy Birthday Quarantine Memes

The last few months have been insane. I have been writing and sharing memes to get through this hard time.  They say the best medicine is laugher afterall.  I recently had a friend who celebrated a birthday during this quarantine time and realized how difficult that must have been.  We tried to make it special for them, having a zoom call with friends and even playing a game.  It made it a bit more special.  Check out this list of birthday quarantine memes.  And for more memes fun check these out: Inauguration Day memes, Covid Halloween memes, murder hornet memes, Wash your hands memes, homeschooling quarantine memes, stimulus check memes, essential employee memes, 2020 memes.

Happy Birthday Quarantine Memes

So take a look at some of my favorite birthday quarantine memes and let me know which you laughed at the most!  What did you do during this time to make your birthday or a family/friends birthday special?