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30+ Magical Wendy Movie Quotes

The Peter Pan inspired movie WENDY is now available to stream.  I was so excited for this movie considering Peter Pan is my FAVORITE Disney movie and Disney character.  My movie review is coming but in the meantime, the movie really had some great quotes.  I mean how can you not have great quotes come out of a movie about never growing up?  Check out this list of 30+ magical Wendy movie quotes!

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Wendy Movie Quotes

Grandma, I can be a pirate? –James

I will tell you a story about people who fly away. –Wendy

All children grow up. For most is just happens like a change in the weather. But some, the wild ones, the ones with the light in their eye, escape. –Wendy

Taking care of my child, making sure I don’t screw you up too bad. –Wendy’s Mom

Once there was a haunted train. –Wendy

Come Wendy, I’ll teach you to fly through the sky. –Wendy

Remember the voice in your head? The one that said “Sneak away in the middle of the night” Here is the place that it came from. –Wendy

I’m not Thomas, I am black beard. –Thomas

Why didn’t he row up? –Wendy

The sound broke into a million following pieces. And the mother rose up from the center of the earth to watch over them. She was always here and always will be. And as long as you believe in her, you will never ever grow up. –Wendy

And so began the legend of Peter, the boy who would not grow up. –Wendy

I am still Buzzo, Peter. –Buzzo

He lost his best friend and his numbers kept going up and up. –Thomas

As it turns out, there are rules here. –Wendy

When bad thoughts enter your mind, let them buzz out the other ear. –Wendy

His heart cracked right down the middle and all the joy spilled out. –Wendy

You have to help me. I swore to my brother, I can’t grow up. You have to chop it off. –James

Buzzo, why are you hiding? –Wendy

One day you are Buzzo and the next day you are a pile of sand. –Buzzo

This is where lost boys go when they are really lost. –Buzzo

Peter knows what he wants to know. –Buzzo

Beware children, you can leave yourself behind, you won’t even know when it happen. –Wendy

When you lose yourself, the mother can no longer protect you. –Wendy

You can’t lose hope, that is what is making you old. –Wendy

A mother will always come for her children. –James

When you are a child they don’t tell you, everyone you love can disappear and you will never get them back. –Wendy

You stayed young without me, how did you do it? –James

James you gotta remember who you are. Do you remember home? Do you rememeber Momma? –Wendy

Once there was a mother, she lived in a restaurant and one day her children who she loved most in the world ran away. –Wendy

Our lives are going to be the greatest story ever told. –Wendy

Peter promised he would visit as soon as he could. So we waited and counted the days. –Wendy

As years went by, he became nothing more but a bedtime story. –Wendy