Defending Jacob Ending vs Book Ending

Today the last episode dropped on AppleTV+ for Defending Jacob but did you know the series is actually based off of the book by the same name?! Check out how the Defending Jacob book ending differs from the series Defending Jacob ending.

Defending Jacob Ending vs Book Ending

Defending Jacob on AppleTV+ dropped its last episode today I am NOT okay!  You can even read my thoughts on this if you check out my Defending Jacob review but we are here to discuss the ending and how the ending of the series differs from the book ending.  Which do you prefer?

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Defending Jacob Ending vs Book Ending

Defending Jacob Ending In the series: While in Mexico Jacob befriends a girl, who comes up missing after being with him the night before at a party.  Authorities question Jacob, which leads to Andy finally breaking down and questioning his sons innocence, especially since he found out that his Father was behind the set up of Patz.  Andy confides in Laurie and tells her about the Patz information.  Eventually, the girl is found and Jacob is once again proved innocent but with the new information given to Laurie, she returns home in turmoil.

After days struggling with the thought Jacob could possibly be guilty, Laurie cracks and while on the way to to get a jacob a haircut she straight out asks him if he murdered Ben.  Jacob denies killing Ben but Laurie becomes more and more upset, eventually yelling at Ben and purposely crashing the vehicle resulting in her being hospitalized and having loss of memory and Jacob in critical condition.

Defending Jacob Ending vs Book Ending

We finally figure out that Andy has been testifying to the grand jury for the car crash and possible attempted murder of Jacob by Laurie.  After testifying, Andy visits the hospital where we see Jacob in critical consition, Laurie with memory loss and Andy questioning his wifes innocence but wanting his family united again.

Defending Jacob Ending In the book: While in Mexico, the girl Jacob befriends comes up missing but unlike the series, her body is found and she is dead.  This leads to Laurie becoming convinced Jacob is the killer and she ends up crashing the car with Jacob inside, instantly killing Jacob and critcially injuring herself.

Defending Jacob Did Jacob Kill Ben?

In both the book and the series, we are still left with the question of “Did Jacob kill Ben?”  Both series viewers and book readers still have no idea to the answer to this question.  Some say this is what makes the book/series so wonderful but other (like myself) are frustrated because we have NO closure.  While the story was amazing, the ending left me frustrated and ready to throw my remote at the TV. As for what I believe happened?  I amlways thought throughout the entire series Jacob was guilty.  Even when we saw episode 7 end with Patz writing a confession, I did not relent on my belief Jacob was guilty.  What did you think?

Defending Jacob Ending vs Book Ending

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