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20+ Shocking Defending Jacob Quotes On AppleTV+

Defending Jacob Quotes

AppleTV+ Defending Jacob drops its last episode today and it have viewers in shock!  The suspenseful drama series is based off the book by the same name but I am here to tell you the series does not end like the book.  You can find out more information on Defending Jacob Ending vs book ending here.  Like I do with many movies/series I watch, I like to pick out some of my favorite quotes.  Here is my list of some of the most shocking Defending Jacob quotes from the AppleTV series!

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Defending Jacob Quotes

I’m here, because I believe in the system. I just want the truth to come out. –Andy

She’s over there mothering the mothers. –Toby

What is this, Perry Mason? –Andy

I was protecting him from his own stupidity. I was being a father. –Andy

If this is what you think an actual friendship is, it’s you I feel sorry for. –Paula

You’re ruining his life, you know that? You’re going to destroy it. –Andy

I did what any parent would have done. –Andy

It’s not a crime to own a knife or be a stupid teenager. We’d have to lock up most of them. –Andy

Our memories are often less reliable than we think, particularly in moments of stress. –Joanna

We’re just going to attack their case until there’s nothing left to attack. –Joanna

He didn’t do this. –Andy

Defending Jacob Quotes

Lawyers have boundaries. I don’t. Not anymore. My only job now is trying to protect our son. Whatever it takes. –Andy

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Nothing. –Andy

If I could take your place I would. In a minute. –Andy

That doesn’t mean it goes away. –Andy

Good, he should be scared. I’m scared. –Andy

Don’t explain it away like you do everything, excuse it away. –Laurie

If we protect him, we’re as guilty as he is. –Laurie

You can be a good man or you can be a good father. Me? I’m neither. I know that. But you get to choose. –Billy

It’s all about taking the corners. You taught me that. –Andy

There was no normal to go back to. There was just before and after.  –Andy

I just want our family back. –Laurie