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Netflix’s Dead To Me Season 2 Review – MORE Twists

Netflix’s Dead To Me Season 2 is wilder and more jaw dropping than the first.  With shocking twists at every turn, this season will leave you begging for more!

If you were a fan of Netflix’s Dead To Me season one, let me begin by assuring you season 2 will not disappoint.  In fact if you enjoyed watching the crazy predicaments Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) got themselves into and their even crazier “best friend that accidently murdered eachothers husband/fiance” relationship; then season 2 is just for you.  It picks up immediately where season one left off, with Steve face down in a swimming pool after being murdered by Jen under strange circumstances.  In this season however, Steve has moved from the pool to a giant freezer in Jen’s garage leaving both Jen and Judy leaning on eachother once again to overcome grief, guilt, financial problems and more.

Dead To Me Season 2 Review

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It’s a bit difficult to fully explain why season 2 of Dead To Me is so amazing, mostly because I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but it’s ALL the spoilers that make it so great.  When I say pretty much every episode gives you some sort of cliffhanger or has your jaw literally hitting the ground, I am not exaggerating.  So here is what I can tell you: you WILL see Marsden in the series even though Steve is dead, you will see neighbor Karen and a funny little twist concerning her and you will scream at the end “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?”  Oh yes, the end leaves you with just as big of a cliffhanger than it did in season 1.

Overall Thoughts

Dead To Me Season 2 has returned with all the fun, craziness and quirkiness you loved from season 1.  While the season has out done themselves when it comes to twists, it did it in a very smart way making each crazy twist totally believable.  The new season has 10 new episodes with each episode around 30 minutes long, it is definitely a binge-worthy show you will fly through.  And by the time it is over you will ask, “Will there be a 3rd season? There HAS to be a 3rd season?”   The series definitely takes you on a ride from start to finish, and will have you hopping back on to watch over and over again.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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