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Irresistible Movie Review: An Eye Opening Look At Political Campaigns

Irresistible Movie Review

Irresistible is an eye opening look at how politics campaigns are run and the flaws in our system. It is a must watch film that delivers an important message.

When I was first asked to review the movie Irresistible, written and directed by Jon Stewart and starring Steve Carell, I had no idea it was based on politics.  I consider myself someone who likes to keep current on the goings in the world and expecially our politics and politicians, so this was right up my alley.  With this being an election year and so many topics have become political these days, it seemed like a movie such as Irresistible could not have come at a better time.  Especially considering, this movie really does not pick a side concerning politics but looks more at how political campaigns are run.  Check out my Irresistible movie review below on YouTube.

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Irresistible Movie Review

Irresistible begins right after the 2016 election results when Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Gary (Steve Carell) worked on the Clinton campaign which was shockingly defeated. When a viral video of a small town man trying to save his town is brought to Gary’s attention, he takes it upon himself to track the man down and convince him to run for Mayor. Gary believes the man appeals to Republicans being a conservative who is a farmer and veteran but his ideals seem to lean towards the Democratic beliefs. It seems like this was a campaign made in political heaven, if it weren’t for Faith (Rose Byrne).  Faith joins the campaign in the small town of Deerlaken but decides to join the Republican candidate who is running against Gary’s campaign. And this is when things starts to becoming interesting.

Irresistible Quotes

The Politics

The chemistry and banter between Gary and Faith really make the movie, bring the laughs and keep the viewer glued to the story.  However, it is the message of the film that really hits one in the gut.  Politicians spend so much time, effort and MONEY on a battling eachother for the fight to become elected and/or re-elected, there effort time and money could be better served towards the community and citizens in which they serve.  This movie takes a real hard look at how our politics and political campaigns are extremely flawed and wasteful.

And by the time the film is over, and you are hit hard with the message of the movie, the give you a huge TWIST at the end.  No worries, I would never give away the twist, and even though you know that twist is coming, you will never predict what is to come!

Overall Thoughts

This film is for everyone!  We spend so much time debating and sometimes fighting over our political beliefs, whether you are a Democrat or Republian, but I believe the message of the movie is one everyone will agree on and believe is important.  Like I mention earlier, Carell and Byrne are awesome in this, really bring the laughs and play off eachother in a perfectly believable way. This is not one you want to miss, a must see. So, mark your calander for this Friday, June 26th, as it comes on POV!

Irresistible Movie Review

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