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40+ POWERFUL Just Mercy Quotes – Free To Rent

Just Mercy Quotes

Just Mercy, starring Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan, is now free to rent on Amazon Prime, AppleTV+ and other streaming services the entire month of June.  In light of everything going on in the world right now, I applaud Warner Bros studio for releasing this movie free to rent, because it is a powerful must watch everyone needs to see!  I normally collect quotes from movies and share them on my site, but this particular movie quotes meant so much more considering the story. Check out these POWERFUL Just Mercy quotes which will break your heart and also inspire for a better world for all of us!  Which Just Mercy quote was your favorite?

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Just Mercy Quotes

I was suppose to tell you that you are not at risk of execution any time within the next year. –Bryan

Well, you ain’t goona visit sh*t unless you get in that room and strip. –Jeremy

There’s always something that we can do. Whatever you did your life is still meaningful. –Bryan

The judge laughed at me and said rehabilitation was a 70 year old joke. –Prison Interviewee

My lawyer, he was there but he wasn’t there. It was like I was by myself. –Prison Interviewee

What are you going to do different? –Walter (Johnny D)

All they gonna do is eat you up and spit you out, just like they do every other black man in America when they step out of line. –Walter (Johnny D)

You rich boy from Harvard, you don’t know what it is down here.  When you are guilty from the moment you born. –Walter (Johnny D)

Most lawyers barely make time to call. –Minnie

Just Mercy Quotes

Few months before the murder Johnny D got caught messing with a white woman in town. –Minnie

This is just another way to lynch a black man. –Bernard

We feel like they put us on death row too. –Jackie

It’s clear to me this case is based on lies. –Bryan

I know what it’s like to be in the shadows, that’s why I’m doing this. –Bryan

That don’t kil nobody the right to kill you back. –Walter (Johnny D)

Maybe people will stop trying to kill us once they realize how charming we are. –Eva

I feel bad for what they are doing to Johnny D, but I’m just trying to survive. –Darnell

This is how it is down here. Been like this for as long as I can remember. –Walter (Johnny D)

You ain’t by yourself Herbert. We all with you. –Walter (Johnny D)

Since I don’t have family, I told the Army to send my flag to you, if that’s okay. –Herb

Can you pray with me? –Herb

More Just Mercy Quotes

I have no ill feeling and I hold nothing against anyone. –Herb

The put me in the cell closest to the kill room. –Ralph

They are using you to condemn a man that you have much more in common with than you think. –Bryan

If there is any part of you that wants to make things right, this is the last chance you’re going to get. –Bryan

Distance is healthy. –Eva

I am pretty sure that you mean a lot more to this community than you think. –Eva

Day I got arrested I thought I was going to be okay. Cause I got the truth. –Walter (Johnny D)

If they take me to that chair tonight, I’m going out smiling. Cause I got my truth back. You gave that to me. –Walter (Johnny D)

Just Mercy Quotes

We are working on something to help get the truth out. –Bryan

This is about the people of this county who have hired me to keep them safe. –Tommy

Your job isn’t to defend a conviction, Tommy. It’s to achieve justice. –Bryan

I’m filing a motion to dismiss all charges and I think that you should join it. –Bryan

If we’re just gonna accept the system that treats you better if you’re rich and guilty than if you’re poor and innocent, then we can’t claim to be just. –Bryan

If we say we’re committed to equal justice under law to protecting the rights of every citizen, regardless of wealth, race, or status, then we have to end this nightmare for Walter McMillan and his family. –Bryan

We’re all with you, brother. –Ray

I came out of law school with grand ideas in my mind about how to change the world. But Mr McMillian made me realize we can’t change the world with only ideas in our minds. We need conviction in our hearts. –Bryan

I now know hopelessness is the enemy of justice. –Bryan

Hope allows us to push forward even when the truth is distorted by the people in power. It allows us to stand up when they tell us to sit down. And to speak when they say, “Be quiet.” –Bryan

The opposite of poverty isn’t wealth. The opposite of poverty is justice. –Bryan

The character of our nation isn’t reflected in how we treat the rich and the privileged, but how we treat the poor, the disfavored and condemned. –Bryan

Our system has taken away more from this innocent man than it has the power to give back. –Bryan

If we can look at ourselves closely, and honestly, I believe we will see that we all need justice. We all need mercy. –Bryan