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30+ Animalistic Netflix Animal Crackers Quotes

Netflix Animal Crackers Quotes

Looking for an adorable, family fun movie to watch with the little ones?  Then Netflix Animal Crackers should be the next movie on your viewing list.  This film will have you laughing, smiling and even on the edge of your seat.  It also has some great life learning lessons and quotes to come out of the film.  And you know how I love to jot some some of my favorites, so I did just for you all today!  Check out this adorable list of Netflix Animal Crackers quotes.

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Netflix Animal Crackers Quotes

Horatio P. Huntington! One half of the world-famous Huntington Brothers Circus! Which half, I’ll let you decide.

I’m going to be rich as Rockerfeller, but twice as pretty.

This apple looks like it was shot from the tree by a rocket.

You know what they say about good things? They never last.

She goes or I’ll go. Choose now little brother.

Netflix Animal Crackers Quotes

With this metabolism, I could eat a chocolate elephant and never gain a pound.

There was magic in that old box.

Zoe, I love you. Will you marry me? Honk once for yes.

I’m eating dog biscuits for a job.

Like some super handsome errand boy with shiny hair and big biceps, perfect lips, and dreamy eyes.

Were you going to say you’re nincompoopy? Because that’s what you are, you nincompoop!

Robert “Buffalo Bob” Huntington, my blood, my brother, stole from me! Robbed me of my legacy, my love, and the last 50 years of my life!

Old animal crackers?

No matter what, do not eat these cookies until you see Chesterfield at the circus.

Gypsy curse, stale flour, radioactive sugar mites. Who knows? Who cares? It’s magic. That’s why the box always stays full.

Uncle Horatio will stop at nothing to get his greedy hands on them.

Netflix Animal Crackers Quotes

You are now the proud owners of one run-down, burnt-up, worn-out circus!

Well, have fun screwing up the accounting and ruining the company. ‘Cause you’re totally gonna fail.

I got Brock’ed.

I’m gonna quit my job at Woodley’s first thing tomorrow because this is my home. This is my family. The Huntingtons are back in the circus business!

Like a shadow in the night, the Zucchini approaches his prey with all the predatory instincts and stealth of – A baboon!

I lost the human cookie.

You and Zoe brought life back into this circus.

Cheer up, kid. You’re making people happy. That’s no small thing.

If you refuse. Well, thats how the cookie crumbles.

If being a wretched animal lets me keep my family together, then yeah, sign me up.

Don’t mess with my family.

Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

I live happily ever after.

Prepare yourselves for something truly magical.