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35+ Bad Ass Netflix The Old Guard Quotes

Netflix The Old Guard Quotes

When I saw the new Netflix movie The Old Guard was actually based off a comic, I was intrigued and knew I had to check it out.  The movie stars Charlize Theron in a bad-ass role where she is an immortal fighting for the good of humanity.  You can imagine the movie also bring us some even more bad-ass movie quotes and I took some of my favorite down, because that is what I like to do!  This is a movie that is filled with action and an awesome story line, if you don’t believe me just check out this awesome list of 35+ bad-ass Netflix The Old Guard quotes to enjoy!

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Netflix The Old Guard Quotes

I’ve been here before. Over and over again and each time the same question, is this it? Will this time be the one? And each time the same answer. But I’m just so tired of it. –Andy

Admit it boss, you missed us. –Joe

There never were any girls. We’ve been set up. –Andy

They know who we are, they know what we are. –Andy

The world can burn for all I care. –Andy

No not another one. Not now. –Andy

It’s been over 200 years, why now? –Andy

If we are dreaming about her that means she’s dreaming about us. –Andy

I lead a group of immortals. An army I guess. Soldiers, fighters like you. –Andy

You’ve got questions kid, I get it. You want answers, get back in the car. –Andy

You don’t speak Russian do you? –Andy

Netflix The Old Guard Quotes

We dream about eachother, they stop when we meet. –Joe

I dreamed about a woman locked in an iron coffin in the sea.  She kept drowning and then coming back to life. She kept hammering her bloody fists and knees against the iron, something furious. She kept fighting and she kept drowning. –Nile

Her name was Quynh. She was one of us, the first immortal Andy found. –Nicky

I’ve never been burned alive before, what do you think it’s going to be like? –Quynh

That’s the reason we dread capture, to spend eternity in a cage. –Joe

There isn’t one good thing in any of this. –Nile

I know you are scared, Nile. Me and those three men in there will keep you safe. –Andy

We are all you’ve got. –Andy

This man is more to me than you can dream. He is the moon when I am trapped in darkness and warmth when I’m shivering cold and his kiss still thrills me even after a millennial. His heart overflows with a kindness this world is not worthy of, I love this man beyond measure and reason. He is not my boyfriend. He is more. –Joe

I’m truly honored to meet you. Together, we shall do such things. What they are yet, I know not, but they shall be the terrors of the Earth. Or, um, rather the saviors. –Merrick

Everyone around you, everyone you love is gonna grow old, is gonna suffer and is gonna die. –Booker

A fine justification. I’ve heard it so many times before. –Nicky

You come from warriors. –Andy

I can’t remember what my mother looked like. Or my sisters. –Andy

It’s not what time steals, it’s what it leaves behind. Things you can’t forget. –Andy

Netflix The Old Guard Quotes

She saves a life, two, three generations later, we reap the benefits. –Copley

I thought it would be the end of disease. I thought it would be the end of suffering. –Copley

We don’t get a say on how it ends, we never have. But we can control how we live. –Andy

I go first, I always go first. –Andy

If this doesn’t work out, next time you go first. –Andy

I think you showed up when I lost my immortality. So I can see what it was like. So I can remember. Remember what it was like to feel unbreakable. –Andy

You reminded me there are people still worth fighting for. –Andy

Do you think he speaks Russian? –Andy

I’m gonna miss you. –Andy

We don’t have all the answers but we do have purpose. –Andy

Booker. It’s nice to finally meet you. –Quynh