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90+ AWESOME Netflix The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Quotes

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy Season 2 quotes is out July 31st and let me tell you, it is awesome!  If you haven’t yet, you can check out my The Umbrella Academy review here and also check out these The Umbrella Academy Season 2 memes.  Along with how great the series is, it always really had some great The Umbrella Academy Season 2 quotes!  I have to admit, I enjoy jotting down some of my favorites from movies and seriesbut I may have gotten a little carried away on this one because I have collection over 90 of them.  Check out my list of 90+ of the best The Umbrella Academy Season 2 quotes from the Netflix series!

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2

On April the 1st, 2019, the Earth was destroyed in a cataclysmic event. Billions of people were wiped out in a matter of minutes. Ironically, the six survivors of the apocalypse were the very siblings who brought it on. –Pogo

They are gone like a fart that went “Poof”. –Klaus

I heard a rumor that I blew your minds. –Allison

Five! You sick son of a bitch, where the hell have you been? –Diego

You can’t save them if you are dead. –Hazel

I got 10 days to find them and save the world. –Number 5

Not that apocolypse, this is a new one. –Number 5

Maybe some looney-tuned asshole with a hero complex tried to save the president and screwed everything up. –Number 5

Maybe I’m just not the kind of girl you miss. –Vanya

You know it would help if I knew where we were going, Mysterio. –Ben

Nobody needs your sh*t Klaus. That’s why you are always alone. –Ben

There once was a young buck from Dallas, who sported a miniature phallus. –Klaus

I know what it’s like being stuck in time, thinking this is how you are going to live out the rest of your life. On the run, and not knowing if you’re ever gonna see the perople you love again, and to be in an unfamilar world. –Number 5

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

More The Umbrella Academy Season 2

I don’t give a sh*t. –Luther

I drop turds bigger than Herb.

The Jack Ruby? The gangster that took out Oswald? –Number 5

Stop being a princess and get in! –Lila

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re use to. –Klaus

I thought it was my job to keep everyone safe, and I just made it worse. I never wanted to be the bad guy. –Luther

We don’t have to understand sh*t about it for it to be real. –Diego

I’m curious, why did you say “I heard a rumor” last night? –Ray

I saved your stupid life. –Lila

You can either stay here and wait for the IKEA mafia to come back to kill you, or you can come with me. –Number 5

Oh… you know, dicks, drugs, debutantes. My holy trinity. –Klaus

Cult is a very negative word, Allison. We prefer to call it “an alternative spiritual community”. –Klaus

Family barbeques are about to get real weird. –Klaus

I can’t believe I got shanked by my own father. –Diego

Allison told me that she had family up north, but she never mentioned a brother. And she certainly never mentioned a brother that looked like you. –Ray

I got bailed out of jail today by a very unique character claiming to be my brother-in-law. And then I come home to find the biggest white boy I’ve ever seen in my entire life standing on my front porch, trambling like somebosy’s lost puppy, and the strange thing is, he is also claiming to be your brother. –Ray

I heard a rumor, that you walked away. –Allison

I ran into some trouble at the asylum, during the escape. These three blond guys. Total cowboys. –Lila

Protect Number 5, at all costs.

The clock is ticking on doomsday. Just tell me that when I need you, you’ll be ready. –Number 5

The scorpion wants to get across the river so he asked the frog. But the frog’s like “Well, whats in it for me?” And the scorpion’s like, “How about five bucks?” And the frog says, “Make it 20.” The scorpion’s like, “Ten.” The frog goes, “All right, fine, 15.” And the scorpio’s like, “All right, fine, 15.” Then halfway across the river the frog feels this terrible pain on his back and the scorpion stung him. And the frog is like “What the hell we are both gonna drown now.” And they both did. –Klaus

The point is frogs are b*tches and we do not negotiate with terrorist. –Klaus

You don’t have to join the military to become a man. Don’t sacrifice yourself. ‘Cause I love you. I love you –Klaus

I needed something to hold onto and Ray gave me that. –Allison

No one gets to tell us how to deal with the end of the world. Right? Not even each other. –Luther

Oh honey, no. I’m the man here. –Lila

In the last 12 hours I lost a fight, my job, and the woman that I love loves someone else. –Luther

I’m use to dealing with liars, Lila, but I like it better when I know what they’re lying about. –Diego

This is going to sound crazy but, I’m your son. –Luther

The last time I saw this one, she had me suspended mid-air sucking the life out of me with energy tentacles. I think I’m allowed a little time to process. –Diego

Did we all get sexier? –Klaus

My cult is going to be so pissed, Five! I told them we had until 2019. –Klaus

Guys, you all die. I was there, I saw it. I want to forget it but I can’t. –Number 5

I missed you all, so much. –Ben

To my Persuers, I Reginald Hargreeves request the pleasure of your company for a light supper on the 20th of November, 1963, half past seven o’clock, 1624 Magnolia Street.

I’m gonna tell Sissy that I love her. –Vanya

Did you miss me you little sh*t?

Daddy’s home. –Klaus

Vanya, of all people you should hate Dad the most. –Luther

I’m a complete and total fraud. –Klaus

OK, so Wonder Woman’s got some powers but no one can see them? –Ray

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

In any coup, you need a scapegoat.

I think I was, inside of you. –Ben

No more numbers, no more bullsh*t, we are team 0. We are all Team 0. –Diego

What would possess me to adopt seven ill-mannered malcontents?

Last time you handled it, you definitely blew up the moon. –Allison

You are the special ones, aren’t you? Why don’t you band together and do something about it?

Mans greatest flaw: Illusion of control.

So much can change in a matter of seconds. One can overthrow and empire. One can fall in love. An acorn doesn’t become an oak overnight.

I hate to disappoint you Benny boy but you are not getting in this body. –Klaus

You are the Oswald of this story my friend. The goddamn patsy. –Number 5

Who I am is not a disease. –Vanya

We don’t belong here, we have to go back. –Luther

We have to risk everything to save everything. –Luther

Do you know how hard it is to trust people? When your whole childhood was bullsh*t and manipulation? –Diego

I would take my year with you over a lifetime with anybody else. –Ray

Mother this is Diego, my boyfriend. –Lila

When you are looking down the barrel of a gun, where do your loyalties lie, with your family or your principles?

I need to know you are a good man. I need to know you would never hurt the President.

The seven stages in paradox psychosis are: Stage on: denial, two: itching, three: extreme thrist and urination, four: excessive gas, five: acute paranoia, six: uncontrolled perspiration, and seven: homicidal rage. –Number 5

Hey there stranger. –Number 5

Vanya is the bomb, she will always be the bomb. –Diego

Number Two, Three, and Four. We almost have an Umbrella straight flush here. –Diego

Rather than face the complexities of your own existence, you chooseto hide inside someone else’s. A silly life on a silly farm.

Why can’t I control myself like the rest of you guys? –Vanya

It’s a sh*tty world full of sh*tty people sometimes. –Ben

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Can you hug me as I go? It’s been a long time since… –Ben

The thing about fish, AJ, is they are no match for a shark.

Eat sh*t Apeman. –Number 5

Alert all personnel in the field, we are going to war.

The world is full of injustice. Good people die along with the bad. This cosmic equation will never change unless evil itself is wiped from existence. Thankfully, there are powerful forces pushing back against the wicked and inquitous, individuals who have the strength to pull together against insurmountable odds to face adversity with unblinking courage, and not to hesitate to sacrifice themselves for another. Unfortunately, none of you are such people. Despite years of training and weeks of preparation you allowed Number Six to die on this mission.

I made that machine my b*tch. Y’all need to recognize I got sh*t going on y’all don’t even know about. –Diego

I need your help too, I’m scared. And for the first time in my life I don’t want to do it alone. I want my family by my side. –Vanya

He wanted me to tell you that he was too scared too scared to go to the light. It wasn’t you that made him stay. –Vanya

If she can do everything we can, she might as well just be one of us. –Vanya

Love shouldn’t have to hurt this much. –Luther

I know what it’s like to love dangerous people. Difference is they love me back. –Diego

You have given me the greatest gift of a lifetime. You let me feel alive for the first time. You helped me find hope again. That’s a wonderful thing. –Sissy

This is the Sparrow Academy.