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Yes God Yes Movie Review – Smart, Funny & A Little But Naughty

Yes God Yes Movie Review

Yes God Yes is a smart, funny but naughty coming of age story that will delight audiences, especially those who grew up attending Catholic school.  Natalie Dyer’s standout performance is one of the many pleasant surprises in this film.

Having attended Catholic school from preschool through high school, I was particularly interested in seeing the new Natalie Dyer film Yes God Yes.  Alice (Natalie Dyer) is a Catholic high schooler attending in the early 2000’s who dives into the “naughtier” side of the internet as she discovers AOL instant messenger and her own sexuality.  At the same time as she begins to explore her sexual impulses by discovering the art of pleasuring oneself, she also attends a Catholic High School weekend retreat, led by Father Murphy (Timothy Simons).  There she not only learns more about herself but also fellow classmates, the leaders running the retreat and her future life plans.

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Yes God Yes Movie Review

Yes God Yes Movie Review

Natalie Dyer, who plays Alice in Yes God Yes, is best known from her role as Nancy Wheeler in Netflix’s Stranger Things.  Her portrayal of Alice as a timid, innocent yet curious teen is unflawed.  She carries the movie but in a way in which viewers are not only drawn to what she says but also what she is thinking/feeling, as every scene she encapsulates the emotions of curiousity and sensual desires through her facial expressions and wondering eyes.

And as we root for Alice through the entire movie, we are also taken by her charming and witty journey as she learns of sex (and acts that go along with sex) for the first time.  Who knows, you may even learn a bit of that sexual knowledge yourself, that is if you were unaware of what “tossing ones salad” is in reference to the sexual act.

An Uncomfortable Comedy

Writer and director Karen Maine must have attended Catholic School herself, as the characters in this film are so relatable to a viewer who have lived the Catholic school life.  And while the story can feel uncomfortable at times, as we watch sexual acts of self pleasuring (and even a bit of fellatio), the comedy comes alive with the lack of understanding certain sexual innuendos along with the paradox of Catholic teachings on the subject.  When Father Murphy compares boys being turned on like a microwave and ladies as a convential overn, I could not help but giggle as I recall similar verbiage used in my own Catholic school sex education classes.

Overall Thoughts

Yes God Yes stands apart from many films of the same type, as it is an honest coming of age story within the Catholic community.  And while the film may touch on the hypocrisy of those who surround Alice, the story first and foremost centers on her journey to self discovery.  Dyer’s performance will have one wondering why we haven’t seen her star in more films, as she has viewers rooting for her throughout.  At an hour and 18 minutes running time, the film is entertaining, fun and informative… that is, if you still unsure what tossing ones salad is all about.

Yes God Yes opens in Virtual Cinemas and Drive-ins on July 24th and Digital/VOD on July 28th!

Yes God Yes movie review