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Attending A Movie Theater During Covid 19 Tips – My Experience

Attending A Movie Theater During Covid 19 Tips

Last night I attended a a movie theater to go see The New Mutants film, which is only playing in theaters, you can check out my The New Mutants movie review.  Of course, at this time everyone is questioning if they should do the same during Covid.  I, too, was questioning this very thing, as I have been quarantined and barely leave my home during this time.  Before I went, I searched for posts about attending a movie theater during Covid and barely found any information on those who have attended. So, I put together these tips on attending the movie theaters safely during Covid.

Attending A Movie Theater During Covid 19 Tips – My Experience Full Video

Pick A Time That Isn’t Crowded

Picking a time to go to the theater when I believed would have the least amount of crowds was my number one concern.  As safe as one can be, the safest way to avoid contact with people is to NOT be in contact with people.  Of course, the is easier for me because I have a flexible schedule.  But best times to go is week days (excluding Friday evenings) and early in the day when most are at work.  I chose a Thursday 6 pm movie, which is the latest I would attend but I figured this particular movie had 3 showing after mine, so those who worked would probably pick the later showing.

Choose A Theater That Does Not Have Reserved Seating

Most theaters these days have dream loungers and those loungers require one to reserve a seat.  in this particular case I did not want to hve a reserved seat, instead I wanted to walk into the theater, scope out the area and choose the further seat away from others attending the movie.  I also preferred no dream loungers, because in my mind, I had less contact with che chairs which were more uncomfortable.

Attending A Movie Theater During Covid 19 Tips

Buy Your Tickets Online For Less Human Contact

The less contact with another human the better.  This was also true for the workers, as I was walking into the theater, the worker did not take my ticket but instead looked at my ticket and directed me to the correct theater.

Avoid Food And Drinks

I know, movie theater popcorn is the best, right?  And while masks are required at all times in the lobby and bathrooms, guests are allowed to remove them which eating or drinking.  I did not want to remove my mask, I would not feel comfortable removing my mask inside the theater.  However, that smell of the popcorn was amazing, and you always have the option to buy a bag to take home with you!

Other Safety Ideas

I did not use the restroom while at the theater, this was easy to do considering I did not eat or drink while there.  I also brought hand sanitizer with me and wipes to sanitize myself and wipe down my areas.  Common sense things.  I sat in a row on the furthest side of the movie entrance.  This was to avoid anyone passing me to come in and out of the theaters.  Common sense things.  I felt completely safe, granted there were only 2 other people sharing the huge theater with me.  I do not believe I would feel as comfortable with many more in the theater.  But I would definitely attend again during Covid, if there is a movie I want to actually see on the big screen.  I do appreciate many movies are still giving people the option to attend in theaters or stream at home.

Attending A Movie Theater During Covid 19 Tips

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