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50+ Hilarious Netflix HOOPS Quotes

Netflix HOOPS Quotes

This week Netflix HOOPS dropped on Netflix, an animated series that is quite inappropriate nd not for kids.  And as you can see by some of these hilarious quotes, the series will bring much laughs but like I said, it is for adults only. So, check out this list of 50+ hilarious Netflix Hoops quotes from the series.

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Netflix HOOPS Quotes

We’re getting pounded inside the way your momma pounds your f*&^ing sister!

I don’t want my team psyching themselves up to Billy f*&^ing Joel.

You’re a crazy ass teacher with zero boundaries.

Being able to fart on command, that’s a gift.

If you pentrate a woman before Saturday, will you then play in the game?

Ron, you are my assistant coach and I’ve been very cool about you dating my wife, so I’d appreciate it if you were cool about me testing her when I’m up lonely on sleeping pills.

My mouth and cooter are like CarMax, no negotiating and close to the airport.

They say winning isn’t everything but that’s just to make failures like you feel better.

I thought Joe Biden and the oatmeal guy from Cocoon were the stars in The Kominsky Method.

That’s my actual Father, he’s an assh*&^.

Netflix HOOPS Quotes

I mean, sure, having a couple of beers to take the edge off never killed anyone. Well, except for my Uncle Eddie and a few close friends.

And the next thing you know, Ben’s trying to make me seem like the Principle that loves beastiality.

You shouldn’t see a Pediatrician anymore, you should see a real doctor, you’ve got pubes and titties.

Look at me solving problems like I’m f*&^ing Oprah eating cauliflower pizza.

So you are basically just eating farts all day.

Everybody always talks about how big horse’s c*&ks are but they never talk about the spine. The spine is the impressive part.

Who give a sh*t about recycle, I don’t recycle.

Not to be that guy, but tying up kids and framing a teacher for child abduction seems insane.

I’m doing it with a little flair. It’s called f*&^ing showmanship.

If I had a magic wand, I’d be sitting in Hawaii with Denzel’s face between my legs, not listening to this bulls*&t. 

If I have to look at that every day then the next thing hanging up there will be me, but not in the fun way like the lead singer of INXS, who did it while masterbating. That’s a real thing.

Oh a duplex, that must be fun. A house on the outside and party on the inside.

Hey y’all, welcome to Cooters, where every guy has a chance.

The only reason I haven’t lost my virginity was because of that f*&^ing rule.

Flowers are f*&^ing vegetables. Vegatables give you energy.

You just saying, “C*&k was up my ass” was really out of character and also kind of made me wanna puke.

Netflix HOOPS Quotes

You are telling me, you are into Little Man Tate AND you can suck your own d*&^? You might be all right after all, Dawa!

I always wanted to 69 myself. This was my only chance and I ruined it.

What I wouldn’t give to scare you and suck your piss.

You know what the difference is between me and you henderson? I make this look good.

You know what I do with first offers? I piss on first offers!

I feel 20 pounds lighter and I don’t think it’s the diarrhea I had this week.

Looks like I have to go old school.

I’m not using a flash light to check your dogs butt for worms.

Except for Jesus, he makes the rules.

That tiny little bladder of yours always ruins everything.

What I love about being a coach is that we are in positions of great leadership. And I hope we all remember each and every dayvhow fortunate we are to be more than the next generation of leaders. We are the ones who lead the leaders. We’re leader leaders!

It’s official, all Ron’s are f*&^ing useless.

The lizard is my d*^&.

Netflix HOOPS Quotes

I took something that was suppose to be yours, a friend doesn’t do that to another friend.

Love is fickle and sometimes love will break your f*&^ing heart.

I f*&^ed my wife!

Sleeping with you was a huge mistake.

Girl, don’t tell me you don’t have Apple care.

I regret going down a lot of things but a road ain’t one of them.

I hope you choke on a little umbrella, you skinny b*tch.

Hey, I’m your coach. We’re family, Matty.

Once again Lenwood, go f*&^ yourselves.

I’m a big deal now, ya prick.

It’s time to hit the road, Jack!