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Collection Of BEST The Lost Husband Quotes

The Lost Husband Quotes

The Lost Husband dropped on Netflix this week, it had previous been available to purchase to stream but now us Netflix customers get to see it for free!  The movie is based off a popular book, so I knew it would give us some great quotes.  And like I normally do, I picked ut some of my favorites from the film!  Check out this list of some of the best and my favorite The Lost Husband quotes from the popular movie!

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The Lost Husband Movie review

The Lost Husband Quotes

Are those wands you have there? Why don’t you go over there and try to turn that goat into a goose? Might work.

Frank was a fan of imperfection.

It’s hard to lose your person and your whole life in a year.

We don’t call them pets. On a farm, they’re all animals. And they all have jobs.

I need help, you need a job and he isn’t going to stay on this farm forever.

He’s a rooster. Roosters can’t tell time.

The Lost Husband Quotes

You don’t need to take a shower, the beauty pageant’s not till Saturday. I mean, goats don’t care what you smell like. Right?

Now she is one of them hippie Liberals, and I’m a Conservative lawyer.

It says that your past and your present are about to intersect. Your heart line says that you have a lot of love in your life, and to family rings.

Your husband, you said he was gone. But he’s not really gone.

My husband died and I lost our house. So its been a pretty great year.

You’re so ugly you’d scare a buzzard off a gut cart.

She didn’t tell you, because she’s trying to protect you.

I hunkered down in my sadness and I refused to come up for air. Then slowly, I got back to living. Life keeps chugging along whether we like it or not.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m drowning.

The Lost Husband Quotes

This kind of pain and loss, it cracks you open. But we are made of magic and resilence, Libby. Losing someone you love, that scar will feel ugly forever. But it will heal.

I hate terrible people.

Looks like they released the Kraken.

If you want to lose your virginity or talk to the dead, this is the spot.

Why am I so mad at you for dying and leaving us?

I’m just as lost as the next guy, trust me.

I guess it feels good to finally know why there weren’t any baby photos of me growing up.

I was a mess and I had to grow up.

No more secrets.