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55+ Touching Disney+’s The One And Only Ivan Movie Quotes

The One And Only Ivan Movie Quotes

The One and Only Ivan is coming to Disney Plus this Friday, August 21st!  This movie is based off the popular Katherine Applegate book of the same name.  You can imagine with a movie based off a book like this, it will give us some great movie quotes!! And like I always enjoy doing, I jotted down some of my favorites quotes from the film. So, enjoy this list of some of the most touching and my favorite The One And Only Ivan movie quotes.

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The One And Only Ivan Movie Quotes

I look pretty feriocious don’t I? I am not really angry but I can pretend. That’s my job.

The queen of the big top, Stella!

I don’t do any tricks, Max says it’s enough for me to be me. I’m the headliner, so I come on last.

We gotta pack them in again, the get excitement back, ya know? If we don’t, it’s over. Then what are we going to do?

Don’t you just love the moon, with its untroubled smile.

Do you think its because of me? You think I’ve lost my edge?

I think humans like us one way and gorillas they see as angry.

My father use to say, anger is precious, use it to keep order and warn others of danger. But here, there is no one to protect. Sometimes it’s hard to roar for no reason.

We are in this together kid, I know we can turn it around.

Does the words “Bird for sale” mean anything to you?

If she wasn’t so cute, I’d nip her on the nose.

Ah Kibble, alone at last.

The One And Only Ivan Movie Quotes

I was hoping for a lady bun.

Her name is Ruby. She’s never performed but she is going to turn this show around in no time. Look at her, she’s just what we needed.

The one and only Ivan, thats what it says on the billboard. Ivan’s always been the headliner here.

I’m very scary. So run along, before I start thumping and roaring with rage.

How do you know if an elephant has been in the refrigerator? Foot prints in the butter, isn’t that funny?

She’s a flash in the pan, babies don’t stay babies forever. Your appeal is timeless.

Stella is doing something funny with her foot again.

Not all humans are bad, they can surprise you.

He’s the total opposite of an elephant, he can’t remember a thing.

Little Ivan had a lot of freedom and he enjoyed it.

Sometimes his human friends would get upset. And a little gorilla don’t know why. One of them got so upset, she left, and she never came back.

I need you to promise me something, I need you to take care of Ruby. I want her to have a life different from mine. I want her to be free, in a safe place. Not a cage. Promise me.

You’re own your own now Ruby. So, we need to work on your act. We will start tomorrow.

I told her not to worry, cause you were going to save her.

She’s up there, can you feel her smiling? It’s cause she knows you are going to figure this thing out.

How about that huh? A gorilla that draws.

The One And Only Ivan Movie Quotes

A baby elephant isn’t going to turn things around for us. This is our chance, you are our chance.

It’s too bad you can’t have it all. You can have your freedom but you have to live by your wits with no security. Or you can have security but you are stuck in a cage all day, doing tricks for humans. It’s a tough call.

I wouldn’t last 2 minutes in the wild. There are no blow dryers.

I thought you were 400 pounds of pure power?

Now that is what I call an exit.

Look at me, out in nature. Just trees and grass and empty soda cans.

We’re in this together, Ivan, We are family. Come on, lets go home.

Ivan, will you tell me about a real forest?

Stella use to say, there is a difference between can’t remember and won’t remember.

While other gorillas were learning to swing from vines and gather fruit, I was always down on the ground in the mud. Drawing. I could draw all day.

One day I was drawing in the mud, my dad watching over me. All of a sudden it became very quiet. We heard strange noises. Thats when they came.

I named it not tag, because it will never be tag.

Humans are the worst, cockroaches have bigger hearts.

I bet your father loved you for who you are, Ivan. I bet he loved your drawings, like I do.

I wish I could help you Ivan, just like I wish I could help my mom.

That’s why I like drawing. I can draw things the way I want them to be and if I draw them well enough, it will come true.

He’s quite the artist, isn’t he folks?

The One And Only Ivan Movie Quotes

Ivan wants to be in the wild. Ivan doesn’t want to be here anymore Dad and I know it.

Their not mad at us, they want to help us. They want us to be free.

Remember, Stella knew there was something better out there for us. She couldn’t get there herself but, she wanted to make sure that you would.

Change is scary for all of us. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith Ruby. Trust that kindness will always be there when you need it.

Not all humans are bad. They can surprise you, remember?

I guess all good things come to an end.

Humans are dumb but they ain’t that dumb.

You’re the one and only Ivan pal, remember that.

Remember that? The day I brought you home. Best times of my life.

I’m gonna miss you, Ivan.

Ivan you are okay. This isn’t your home, this is.

She’s here Stella. She’s free.

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