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65+ Netflix Wizards Tales of Arcadia Quotes

Wizards Tales of Arcadia Quotes

The third season of the trilogy, Wizards Tales of Arcadia, dropped on Netflix today!  This animated series has really become a hit and has a huge following.  How could it not be as popular as it is, just take a look at some of the awesome quotes to come out of the series! As I liketo do with many of my favorites movies and series, I jotted down a few (or a lot) of my favorites! So check out this list of 65+ Netflix Wizard Tales of Arcadia quotes!

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Wizards: Tales of Arcadia

Magic isn’t a permissible shortcut to hard work.

If there is a universal truth in this world, it is that struggle is the flame which forges one’s soul into steel. Magic cannot be a crutch. To take the easy way out is to merely exist, Hisirdoux.

Staffs are for those with mastery over magic, and magic is mastery over life.

I need you to bring me the Guardians of Arcadia, with haste!

Something wicked this way comes.

Ship just got real.

Camelot? As in ancient old people times Camelot?

The Heart of Avalon. Its magic keeps Camelot aloft, powered by time itself.

What manner of sorcery is this?

This place was cooler flying.

Wizards Tales of Arcadia Quotes

A troll? I thought I made it clear, your kind are unwelcome when I banished you all from the realm.

Trolls are born of magic, as you are blood.  How is their nature a crime?

If you give into fear, that is failing.

The only good Troll is a dead one.

We have to find a way back without screwing up anything in History, or there won’t be a home to go back to.

We destroy those monsters at dawn.

I command the souls of all under its shade, and I decide who lives or who dies.

Fuzz Buckets.

I’m gonna make you knight dudes so proud!

I often fled to these woods to escape from my growing responsiblities.

You must rally, your Grace. The realm needs you. We all do.

Chance to prove I’m an awesome knight, get a monster trophy, save the damsel, I’m in!

Well, at least we don’t have to see Steve’s birthday suit.

What if the darkness takes over like Morgana?

The shadow realm is a place of mystery.

The lake stinks like butt thunder.

You seek redemption from a scorned mentor. Escape from guilt. Validation from knighthood.

My revenge tasted so sweet.

Rest in peace young one. May the spirits guide you home.

if you truly believe the kingdom is in danger then go protect it outside.

A mighty leg for a mighty warrior.

Look like Troll, smell like human. Unpure.

Camelot’s defenses are destryoed. her best knights injured or dead.

I may not know how to fix this, but I do know you should not be stuck here.

I’m no tamer of Gumm-Gumms. I’m a weakling, a coward, a pacifist.

You will no longer fear the daylight. You will wield it as the Trollhunter.

Morgana was right, she wasn’t evil. I was.

Wizards Tales of Arcadia Quotes

History won’t remember me. Stories won’t be told about me but I won’t let that stop me from fighting for what is right.

Then let Camelot be remembered as the warriors we were born.

My friends taught me it’s okay to be afraid, ’cause you can do anything, even make a name for yourself.

Today’s as good as any to die.

Today we say no more to fear and darkness. For Camelot and glory!

Let the stories say, Camelot fought til her dying breath.

Do not fret, Merlin. You’ll find a new apprentice to replace him. Are people not dispensable, after all?

Your king is gone. All that rules now is fear.

I know you’re afraid, but never forget that fear is the precursor to valor. And to strive and triumph in the face of fear is what it means to be a hero! Together, we push back the darkness and those that would see our end!

I’d date you for a hundred lifetimes, Jim Lake.

Hey, we will figure this out. We always find a way to save each other.

Sweet, sweet pollution. How I’ve missed you.

Does this castle have any safety features?

Evil wizards shot down our time-traveling castle and stole Monster Jimbo!

If the Seals are broken then raw, uncontrolled magic shall rise upon the world, wiping it like a flood.

Surrendering already? I was hoping for a little cat and mouse.

Please. You said we’d always find a way to save each other. I love you. We belong together.

After I fell in battle, there was darkness. But they made me anew.

I’m sorry. I spent a lifetime serving the wrong master, trying to save this world.

I saw a glimmer of greatness of what you could become. And the greatest thing I have ever accomplished was saving you.

You may not know, but by order of the King, use of magic has been outlawed under penalty of instant death.

A wizard does not make mistakes, he makes unexpected possibilities.

Your mind is taken like the Trollhunter’s. You brought me back to free you of your chains.

Right now your people look to you, to stand up, to grieve.

Wizards Tales of Arcadia Quotes

You weren’t perfect old man, but atleast you tried.

I see now the only path to redemption is the Order’s to wipe the world clean and begin again.

I fought for magics freedom, not destruction.

What a life you’ve lived. What a wizard you’ve become.

Good luck, Master Wizard.

Our strength is something far less enchanted, but no less special – our friends. We are the protectors of this world. That’s why I made the gamble I did. Because the only way to stop the Arcane Order and save this world is to do it together.