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POWERFUL Words On Bathroom Walls Quotes

Words On Bathroom Walls Quotes

Words On Bathroom Walls is going to be available to stream tomorrow, August 21st!  The movie was intense and gave some really powerful quotes which had me floored at times.  Now you all may know, I like to jot down some of my favorites quotes from films but with this movie I knew I HAD to, they were just too great! So check out this list of powerful Words On Bathroom Walls quotes from the movie!

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Words On Bathroom Walls Quotes

What I wouldn’t give for a classic case of glycoma.

We had to take the sh*t sandwich we have been served and make it edible.

So I cooked. And the meals became my contribution to our underdog story.

Home as I knew it became a thing of the past, so I was getting out a lot.

How hard could it be to hide my burgeoning insanity from the unforgiving ecosystem that is high school.

They called it my first psychotic break and thats when we found out exactly what I am. Schizophrenia, a chronic mental disorder when a person loses touch with reality, allowing for visual and auditory hallucinations, paranoia, delustions, hence the chemistry class extravoganza. A cornacopia of shit basically. Never goes away. Never normal. The end.

Once they showed up they never went away. Like a bunch of in-escapable roommates.

First there is Rebecca, shes sort of Dalai Lama meets coachelle. Always Zen.

Then there is the body guard. He’s tempermental but loyal.

Joaquin. He’s like the horny best friend from a 90’s teen movie, following you around saying all of your unfilitered thoughts.

I’m part of an elite club they call treatment resistant. Which means, we’re probably not gonna have a “it’s not your fault” moment from Good Will Hunting. 

Words On Bathroom Walls Quotes

The only person that can’t reject you is Jesus, right?

I choose not to affliate myself with patriarchal norms like prom.

When that voice comes to visit me, it’s like having a nightmare when I’m awake.

I’m your mom, my job is to help you.

It’s nice to be heard and not just observed.

For the first time in forever, I woke up in complete silence.

When I’m cooking it’s like everything just disappears and I get to be exactly who I want to be. I’m in control.

Everyone thinks cooking is about following instructions but it is quite the opposite. Your pallet will tell you what the dish wants.

When you are a cancer kid, people can’t wait to flock to your aid, they are so eager to grant you any wish before you die. But when you have Schizophrenia people can’t wait to make you someone elses problem, thats why we end up on the streets screaming at nothing, waiting to die. No one wants to grant our wishes.

You lose your secrets when you let anyone too close. It can be painful to let somebody find you in all the dark and twisty places inside but you have to hope they do because thats the beginning of everything. But letting Mya love me the way would be like letting her catch a disease, she doesn’t deserve to be loved by someone who can’t see the world the way it is. Right? And I’d really like to keep my secrets while I have them. 

Do you think this is the life that I wanted for you? For myself?

What I’m dealing wih can’t be fixed, Father.

Being anbigous doesn’t make you profound, it makes you full of sh*t.

Having to confess our sins is the opportunity to tell someone we are flawed. But admitting our flaws, that is the opportunity of strength, to face them.  And that’s why we confess.

Am I gonna sit here and tell you that things like honesty can cure crazy? No but they sure can help. For example, my graduation speech earned St. Agatha enough sh*tty PR to force them to give me a diploma, that felt like a win for honesty. And as for love, my mom was right, you have to let people discover all your dark and twisty places inside because those are the people that can show you whats real, when you can’t see that yourself. It can be the beginning of everything, if you let it.