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25+ Shocking Antebellum Movie Quotes

Antebellum Movie Quotes

New film is released today and available to POV, starring Janelle Monae called Antebellum.  The film trailers had it looks kind of scary, but this drama was suspenseful and CRAZY. I will have a review coming, which will be linked below but in the meantime enjoy this shocking quotes from the movie.  You know I like jotted down some of my favorites, but with this suspenseful type of film, these are more shocking than anything.  So, check out my list of 25+ Shocking Antebellum movie quotes!

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Antebellum Movie Quotes

The past is never dead. It’s not even the past.

I often ponder the depths of your loyalty.

Your friends are dead because of you. You know that, right?

Say you name with pride and conviction.

Let the sound of Confederate victory bring joy to your labor.

This here is a reformer plantation commandeered by the Ninth Infantry of the Confederate Army of the 13 states.

Whereever you came from before here, you need to forget about it.

Antebellum Movie Quotes

You think keeping quiet is strong huh? What has that ever gotten us?

What, you just a coward n*&&^% slave with a brand and no backbone?

We are the decendants of the gods and we must fight with the same immeasurable courage and vigor.

This is the only hope we have of retaining our heritage, our way of life.

These Sapphires are here to fulfill your every need, whatever those needs may be.

You’re not like the others? Those monsters.

The disenfranchisement of black people in America is by design written into the actual DNA of this country.

Sometimes what looks like anger is really just fear.

You know my Nana use to say, ‘Our ancestors haunt our dreams to see themselves forward.’

The unresolved past can certainly reek havoc on the present.

Antebellum Movie Quotes

I learned very quickly that black people, black women in particular, we’re expected to be seen, not heard. Or we risk being perceived as threatening to the patriarchy.

What I also learned through those experiences is within our authencity lies our real power.

Our time is now.

If I see her pathetic husband on the news one more time, parading around that little girl.  Mouthy darkies are a plague.

They will never take you away from me.

If I don’t make it, the world has to find out about this place. It has to end tonight.

This doesn’t end here. We’re nowhere and everywhere.

Except what you are, you are nothing. You ain’t nothing but a cotton picker.

Of course, like always, it’s up to a woman to clean up the mess of a man.