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Collection Of Hilarious The Babysitter Killer Queen Quotes

The Babysitter Killer Queen Quotes

The sequel to the popular Netflix The Babysitter released September 10th called The Babysitter Killer Queen!  I have a movie review coming, which I will link when it is live but for now, I am sharing some of my favorite quotes from the film. Yes, you know I always jot down some of my favorite ones, and this movie brought some really funny and hilarious ones.  So, check out my list of awesome and hilarious The Babysitter Killer Queen quotes from the Netflix movie!

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The Babysitter Killer Queen Quotes

I don’t need a babysitter anymore.

High schoolis worse than a near death experience. I can confidently tell you that because I almost died five times in one night. I faced my fears. I conquered my demons. I survived.

You want to know what the worst than than being invisible is? Not being invisible.

I get it, you are a weird little dude with a crush on a murderous, fictitious babysitter.

This is our new transfer student, Phoebe Atwell. She comes to us from the Guardian Angel Program, where upstanding adults citizens nominate disenfranchised youths from juvenile hall to assimilate back into society.

What if I’ll never be normal?

We’re all just kids doing little hacks to try and live our best life.

If your crazy kid f*&^s my car again, I f*&^ you. I f*&^ both of you.

The Babysitter Killer Queen Quotes

I’ve always believed you Cole. You are my best friend.

You’re innocent. That’s what makes you so special.

How did you know about that? The Devils Book. I never told you about The Devils Book.

You guys knew she had to die so we could mix the bloods.

Mix the blood of the sacrifice with the blood of the innocent.

Luckily, the Devil gives good head.

You know I wanna be an influencer.

We’re back!

I know this is gonna sound crazy, but, basically, they’re a blood cult, and they made a deal with the Devil, and in exchange for their souls, they get any life they want.

What else do you expect from attention-seeking social media millennials with esteem issues?

They have no idea what we’re capable of.

Are you done sixty-nining?

And I’m tired of being dead. Can we hurry up and do this sh*t? And why you trying to look sexy? The only thing that’s sexy in the desert: a glass of water.

If you don’t chill, you wack-ass blonde Pocahontas… This a introspective moment. I just seen my boy Max get diced up into Max chowder. This night, is not rocking.

I should be excited I didn’t get killed first. That’s some post-Jordan Peele era horror movie progress. OK?

I used to dream I’d grow up to be the kinda guy who could be lost in the middle of nowhere, and just with the courage of my conviction and the night sky, I could survive.

Weak stream my ass!

The Babysitter Killer Queen Quotes

Stick with me John. The future is female.

I really don’t have good luck with women, they end up being murderers.

You are not prettier than me.

Black power, b*tch!

I didn’t know Cole was the Channing Tatum of murder!

Did I see that? The babysitter that just evaporated into smoke?