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Apple TV+’s Helpsters Interview With Cody – Activities Printable

Apple TV+’s the Helpsters is an adorable preschool age show, which offers “help” solving problems big and small by always having a plan! Check out this interview with Helpster Cody and a BONUS Activities Printable!

Apple TV+’s Helpsters

Apple TV+ Helpsters has become somewhat of a hit in my household since my 7 year old nephew, whom I virtual school, has become a huge fan!  If you’ve never heard of the show before, let me give you a simple rundown: The Helpsters are puppets (Ssssh! they don’t know they are puppets though..) who are masters at solving problems and helping people, hence the name. I got the chance to interview one of the Helpsters Cody, and Senior Director of Production and Development, Sesame Workshop Jordan Geary. Check it out! Plus don’t forget to download the bonus activities printable down below!

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Apple TV+’s Helpsters Interview With Cody

I can not think of a better time to watch a show about being kind and helping others, than in the year 2020.  Apple TV+‘s the Helpsters is exactly what kids need right now!  Teaching them that despite the problems around us all, not to give up hope because they have many around them which will help! Check out some of the highlights from my interview with Helpster Cody and Jordan Geary.

How did Cody and his friends meet and become Helpsters?

Cody: The backstory to how the Helpsters got together, that’s a subject for a graphic novel some day!

Apple TV+’s Helpsters Interview With Cody

Best part about being a Helpster?

Cody: The best part is that warm feeling you get when a customer says ‘Thanks for all the help Helpsters!’ and I say ‘You’re welcome!’ I am so proud of the work that we do and it feels so good to help people. You ever give someone the best present in the world? Well that present when you help someone is YOU!

What is it like working with Helpsters?

Jordan: It’s fun! It’s crazy, but it’s really, really fun. The thing that I like the most about working with the Helpsters is they are constantly teaching me and our family audiences that there is no problem, big or small. I personally need that reminder on a daily basis. Take a big problem and break it down into some smaller problems. Come up with a plan, work with some of your friends and overcome it.

What is it like working at The Sesame Workshop?

Jordan: Personally it’s a dream come true! I grew up watching Sesame Street, my kids watch Sesame Street. Professionally, it’s like working at the Harvard of kid’s TV. Every room that you go into, best and brightest, is there. It’s a daily pinch me moment.

Apple TV+’s Helpsters Activities Printable

Apple TV+’s Helpsters Activities Printable

This Halloween, your little one can enjoy these Apple TV+ Helpsters Activities Printable!  To download, you can simply click the image above or the link below and print them out!!  Enjoy!

Download Apple TV+’s Helpsters Activities Printable here

Apple TV+ Helpsters Season 2

In Season Two of “Helpsters,” preschoolers continue to explore the power of teamwork as puppets Cody, Scatter, Mr. Primm and Heart join a cadre of new celebrity and musical guests to solve problems. The Helpsters approach any challenge – from party-planning to magic trick mastery, and even mountain-climbing – with a can-do attitude, because everything starts with a plan.

Apple TV+’s Helpsters Interview Activities Printable

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